Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Day 1254: Bring It Home

Today's the day my friends! That's right, you can now bring Zootopia home on Blu-Ray and DVD!

To be honest, I kind of forgot this was even happening until I happened across a tweet about it last night from Walt Disney Pictures, and since the movie is quickly becoming one of my favorites, I headed out this morning to grab my own copy of the film, which just passed 1 Billion in the global box office a few days ago!

I'm not entirely sure what it is about this movie that I love so much, although from the day I heard Ginnifer Goodwin would be voicing the main character I figured that it would be added to the list of favorites. When I saw it the first time on a trip to the Twin Cities (I was bound and determined to see it that weekend, no matter what state I happened to be in) I really enjoyed it, although I'm pretty sure I felt that the main theme of the film, which is entirely necessary for our current society, was a bit "in your face." By the second time I saw Zootopia though, I fell further in love with the story, the characters, and the TONS of Easter Eggs in the film.

For instance, did you know that Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin's husband, provided the voice of the Frantic Pig in the film? You know, the one who's flower shop is robbed? This pig:

Here's a bit of a more difficult Easter Egg that I spotted the second time I watched the movie too. Can you spot the hidden Mickey? He's kind of hard to see! 

Of course, I think that at this point we've all heard about the changing Newscasters based on what country you're viewing the film in. I wonder if the Bonus Features will have all of them? 

And my personal favorite Easter Egg comes in the form of these movies, which are sold by Weaselton (and how exactly do you pronounce that?). I only caught the Frozen one the first time, but there's a whole bunch of various movies, and every time I watch the scene I pick up on a new one! 

I guess, ultimately, I knew months ago that I was going to really enjoy this movie, if only because of the puns that the world seems to be with. Back at the D23 Expo in August of 2015, they had an entire special exhibit on Zootopia, and it was filled with posters for various Zootopia Businesses and Films, and I think these are what really got me hooked on the film to begin with. 

Or, you know, maybe I just really love Flash: 

Who's your favorite Zootopia character? Let me know in the comments! 

Have a magical day!