Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Day 1248: The Fifth Room

Since we finally moved into our fifth and final housing assignment on campus, and because I just happened to have the good camera here with me, I figured it was time to take some detail shots of the Disney in our new apartment. It took over three days before everything was in place and finally set up, but we're really happy with how it's all turned out, and with all the natural light we get thanks to living on the third floor, pictures are a lot easier than they were in the last place.

Starting in our living room, the most obvious Disney can be found in our attraction posters, which have traveled with us from our last two homes before ending up on the wall above our couch.

Of course, one of the oldest pieces of artwork in our apartment is our Once Upon a Time quote canvas, which I created a year and a half ago for our wall that we intended for Christmas lights. The lights burned out a while ago, but I managed to find some new ones, so in reality, this wall hasn't changed much...or at least, the setup hasn't. The wall has definitely changed. I's a different wall. 

There are several smaller Hidden Mickeys around the apartment, but the newest is the pressed penny Mickey my best friends recently gave me. It currently sits on top of our fireplace, which holds an ever growing collection of odds and ends. 

My desk, unlike previous years, sits on the side of our living room. Because our bedroom is rather small and cramped, I decided to move my desk to give us more space, and really I love the amount of light it brings in. If you look closely, many of the little elements have remained the same since my Freshman year, although the picture frames now feature significantly more Colin O'Donoghue. Either way, I took a few extra detail shots of some of the newer elements of the desk. You can click on them to see larger versions of each photo too!

Heading right next door into our open floor plan kitchen, I realized that I hadn't really shared some of the details there. I'm sure I've mentioned the "Kitchen Kabaret Gang" before, but we also have quite the collection of Disney magnets on our fridge, because apparently the attraction posters on the wall weren't enough for us.

In the bedroom, our bookshelf stands pretty much the same way it has in the last two apartments we've lived in. My set of Haunted Mansion Marble Busts keep my fairy tale collection in order. 


On the shelf down below that there's a few other random books that I keep on hand, but for the most part it's filled with more Disney merch, from a limited edition Killian Jones Funko Pop Megan got for me, to my CarsLand Oil Can, to my Disneyland Starbucks Mugs. Really, this is the most Disneyland area in my entire apartment...weird. 

And then, back in our entryway, we have the largest canvas in our apartment, which made an appearance late last year...meaning it's also the newest as of right now. That'll change soon, but all in all, the "Let's Go Fly a Kite" canvas is made up of 10 individual canvases and honestly is sort of a pain to hang, so I'm glad it's up and that we won't have to take it down for a year. We also have a mirror right by our door, so I suppose you get a picture of the photographer. 

And that's about it. There's definitely more Disney in our apartment than this, but really you've already seen most of it in past posts, and I really wanted to highlight some of the newer things or smaller details that you normally wouldn't see. After all, when decorating with Disney it's all about being subtle while also letting your inner Disnerd come out. That's sometimes difficult, but once it's done right, an empty apartment really starts to feel like a home...or at least a satisfying place to live while waiting to go back to Disney World. 

Have a magical day!