Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day 1247: The Off Days

It's hard even for me to believe that the past 1246 days have been so filled with Disney that I'm able to write a daily blog about it all. I mean, think about it. We're all busy people. We have our own lives, adventures, classes, jobs, worries, fears, hopes, and dreams. We watch different TV shows, love different movies, listen to different music, and visit different places. For me, much of my life is spent working on homework and studying or going to class, and really only a small part of it is spent actively "working on" my obsession with Disney. And in reality, if it weren't for Everyday Disney and my YouTube videos, I'm fairly certain that there wouldn't be as much Disney in my life as there is now.

That doesn't mean there aren't off days though, when I find myself sitting in front of a blank computer screen searching for what to write about because in all regards that day was a particularly boring one. Maybe I went to class, and where there's usually something to connect back to Disney, there wasn't. And then I could have gone to practice, an activity that usually goes by without much else to think about. Meetings usually are relatively Disney free, and if there wasn't much Disney going on in class there probably isn't much in the homework either.

What that leaves me with is the responsibility to fill that empty space with something Disney all on my own, and trust me, you can only blog about Disney mugs, Tsum Tsums, and waiting for your next trip to the Disney Parks for so long. As much as we all love the Disney movies, you don't always have time to watch an entire film, at least not if you want to actually find time to sleep at night. TV shows are on once a week, and visits to the parks only occur every so often.

So what's a Disney fan to do? Honestly there's very little you can do, because some days are just really normal days. You can follow every Disney blog on the internet, go through every picture on your computer, go to every store in town, watch every movie in your collection and still feel like the day wasn't especially filled with Disney Magic. There are even days you spend in the parks that feel almost empty, and while thankfully they don't occur very often, they do happen.

But that's okay, because if our lives were so filled with Disney all the time, we'd never be able to truly appreciate the really magical moments that pop up and surprise us out of the blue. Moments like receiving a Mickey Mouse shaped gift from your friends, seeing your new favorite Disney movie for the first time, or maybe revisiting an old favorite you forgot about. Maybe it's taking in every second of your favorite attraction for the 100th (or 200th) time, successfully learning how to make Disney-inspired macarons, or putting together the pieces of history by relating them to something you learned in The American Adventure. It's watching video footage from your first time to Disney, one that you couldn't possibly remember on your own, and discovering that the things you love now started to develop all the way back then, fulfilling your dreams on Main Street U.S.A, and taking your best friends home to Disney World for the first (second, and third) time.

Maybe not every day can be as magical as the day you first saw Cinderella Castle, but that doesn't mean we're without magic entirely, even when it may feel like it. We just have to remember that for every off day, there's a simply spectacular one right around the corner, and that when it does arrive, it'll be all the more worth it.

Have a magical day!