Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day 1234: First Look

Unfortunately I didn't get to spend as much time at Disney Springs this trip as I would have liked, especially with how many of the new locations opened only days before I got there, but what I did see definitely impressed me, and I'm excited to see more when I'm there in July and really go through and take in each individual store. Based on my first impressions though, I'm really going to enjoy the new Disney Springs.

While still not completely finished, Disney Springs just opened a whole boatload of new stores, restaurants, and entertainment, a trend that will continue until everything is finished soon. The expansion added new landscaping in addition, which really brings everything together and gives the entirety of the area a different vibe from the rundown, lacking feeling it used to have. Really I think this is one of the most exciting expansions we've seen in a while, and it's not even in a park!

In particular, the covered area is really impressive and will probably be super helpful on rainy days in Florida, which is pretty much everyday, so I can see the appeal. In the back area, the streets feel quaint and almost street-like, with terraces and windows on the upper floors of each building. Some of the larger attractions, such as Morimoto Asia and Sprinkles Cupcakes feature their own large buildings, which almost feel monstrous compared to what's been there in the past. And yet, it all somehow fits together easily, and while I'm sure it'll take a while to learn the ropes of how to get from one place to another and know where each store is, I'm more than excited to explore! 

Have a magical day!