Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day 1227: Disney Accessories We Wish We Owned

You can't deny that there aren't a whole slew of Disney accessories that you might wish to own yourself. I know I spend more than my fair share time dreaming about all the things I could own if only I had the money to actually purchase them. And the great thing about accessories is many of them are perfect for both at home and in the parks, for Disneybounding and regular outfits! These are just a few of those accessories: 

Lately I've been obsessing over the various Minnie Ears you can now find on Etsy, like these Rose Gold ones from TheBowMama. There are tons of Etsy shops out there selling all sorts of different designs, so be sure to check out a bunch of them before you make your final decisions! 

And then there's these shirts, which you have to admit, are some of the best shirts in the world. They're also sold on Etsy, but by AllThingsCuteDecals and to be completely honest, this is up at the top of my list of things to buy soon! 

MagicBands are almost becoming the ultimate Disney World accessory, and The Disney Store sells all kinds of them! Personally I'm in love with this one featuring Cinderella Castle, but really I'm just waiting for the day we get a Spaceship Earth design.

One of my friends here at college has the most adorable castle necklace from The Disney Store that she wears all the time, and while this isn't the exact same one, it would be a perfect addition to the closet of any Disney fan! 

But if we're being honest, don't you think a real pair of glass slippers would be the absolute perfect Disney accessory? If you figure out where to buy some...and how to make them more comfortable, let me know because I'll buy them straight away! 

What are some of your favorite Disney Accessories? 

Have a magical day!