Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day 1240: Pressed Pennies

I know I've said this before, but I actually have the best friends in the entire world.

While, recently, they've come with me on several Disney trips, I have to leave them at home often enough, and despite the fact that I might be across the country, they're usually still at my house, trying to find lighters or planning some secret mission that I don't know about. They also bought textbooks once, but that's beside the point.

This time, however, they finally completed something they've been working on for a long while, or at least I've been told. Turns out they actually started the above project over a year and a half ago, collecting pressed pennies from across the Walt Disney Resort to create a Mickey Mouse shape in the shadowbox.

The funny part is this though. If you've seen Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas, you might remember the short where Mickey and Minnie are trying to get one another the perfect Christmas gifts, but in order to afford the presents for one another, they end up selling the exact things that go with what they're buying, if that makes sense. So, I believe, Mickey gets a harmonica case from Minnie, but has sold his harmonica. You get the idea. The same kind of thing happened here, as while at The Contemporary in January 2015, I bought Frank and Shovell each a pressed penny book since I knew they'd been stopping at the various kiosks throughout the parks. I didn't however, at the time, know what they were planning and that many of the pressed pennies would end up back in my own hands.

How they come up with these things I'm not entirely sure, but I really am loving all of these Mickey Mouses that are appearing in my apartment. This one in particular is just really unique, with coins from all around World Showcase, as well as one that has Captain Hook on it as well. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

They also did this giant door decoration thing, which my cat has eagerly taken down, but it was awesome while it lasted! Each of the Mickeys on the door have a different Disney quote on them, from the movies to the parks. My personal favorites were some of the Parks Attractions ones though.

So thanks Frank and Shovell, for continuously making my home a little more tolerable when I get back. We all know how hard that Disney depression hits when we get home from a Disney trip. 

Have a magical day!