Monday, May 2, 2016

Day 1218: The Studios Problem

I've seen a lot of changes to the Disney Parks over my years, and with that, I've changed my mind about a lot of things to. I used to have an extreme dislike for MGM/Hollywood Studios, mostly because I couldn't find much to do there that wouldn't either leave me terrified or sick, and after they removed much of the Backlot back in my younger years, I sort of lost respect for the park for a while.

Until these past few years when I finally grew to actually like Hollywood Studios. I have the feeling it had something to do with Star Wars and Indiana Jones becoming a huge part of my life, but either way, I really got around to spending more time and enjoying what was left of the Backlot. Now, of course, that's gone too, removed as a part of the expansions for Toy Story and Star Wars, and we're sort of left with a problem: is Hollywood Studios a full day park?

A while back I read somewhere that someone managed to ride all the major attractions in just over three hours, and while you could go see several of the shows from there, that still only puts you part of the way through the afternoon, with plenty of time to transfer to one of the other parks. It's no question that once the expansions are added it'll be a full day park once again, but for the moment, there really isn't much to do, and where I found myself spending more time there a few years ago, I find myself spending less time now. It's incredibly easy to do everything at the Studios in a day now, and since I found the update to The Great Movie Ride to be extremely lacking as well, I rarely even head on that anymore.

Is this a long term problem? No, not really, and following the updates I'm sure Hollywood Studios, or whatever it will be called at that point, will become one of the most popular parks, bringing in guests intent on seeing the updates of Star Wars, as well as families looking to find family friendly attractions in the Toy Story area.

For now, you'll find me fawning over Indiana Jones as usual, waiting out the expansion and wondering if it will bring life again to a park that's very different from what it was opening day.

Have a magical day!