Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day 1220: The Vlogging Legacy

I don't remember exactly why I decided that vlogging my trips to Walt Disney World would obviously be the best idea I ever had, but I do know that the thought occurred to me sometime in 2012, which also happened to be the year we got our new digital video camera, which has shot every vlog since and will continue to do so for quite some time. It's the perfect little camera, which fits in my hand, isn't too heavy, and I can run entirely without the use of my other hand (although I sometimes have to invest in using my head instead). It makes it easy to carry around in the parks and yet is still large enough for characters, cast members, and often other guests to get in on the action too, which, really, is half the fun.

And now, because of course if we're going to talk about the legacy of vlogging, I suppose we should go back to the actual beginning...

Boy I haven't watched these vlogs in years probably, and it's insane to think about how long ago that really was (four years I suppose...a little less, although it feels like a lot longer). The fact that it opens with my brother going on about how he "knows stuff about Disney" is pretty humorous, but other than things haven't really changed much. I'm still just as random, videoing squirrels, trying to give random information about Disney that you probably already knew, and freaking out about who knows what. Yeah, I definitely still do that. 

It's also interesting though, because there are definitely differences between these first vlogs and the more recent ones, some good and some bad. The editing as changed, because back in those days I'd never really edited a video before in my life and now I edit at least one per week. But the short cuts are something I definitely used to do and probably should bring back to keep things moving along at a faster pace. Regardless though, it's obvious I've learned a thing or two about vlogging in the parks since November of 2012. 

It took a while for things to pick up after that, but eventually I got the hang of things and now we've had all kinds of vlogging adventures, and they aren't stopping anytime soon. You can watch the most recent vlog right here too, and then subscribe to my YouTube channel for continued vlogs as long as I keep going to Disney!

Have a magical day!