Sunday, May 15, 2016

Day 1231: All the Spaceship Earth

My mom was making fun of me lately for how many pictures of Spaceship Earth I take while in the park, and she's right, I do take a lot. Usually I'm stocking up on pictures to use for Spaceship Earth Sunday on Instagram, but when it comes down to it, I have more pictures of Spaceship Earth than anything else at Walt Disney World, I'm positive. I figured it might be fun, then, to count up how many I have from my last trip in January, and the number is sort of amusing.

Any guesses?

One Hundred and Sixty pictures of Spaceship one trip. Now, that's counting every picture that has Spaceship Earth in it at all, including both interior pictures and those with me in the picture as well, but the large majority of them are of the exterior of the attraction. Other trips are relatively the same, especially since I got my first iPhone, which quickly enabled me to take even more pictures of Spaceship Earth.

This habit goes much further back than January of 2016 though, as I definitely remember the days when I'd have my parents, especially my Dad, take pictures of Spaceship Earth for me, or when I'd take them myself with one of my first cameras. In fact, my Dad was taking plenty of pictures of Spaceship Earth even before I came along!

It's not just pictures either, because there's definitely a good collection of video of Spaceship Earth as well, which I'll be counting up soon, and with our estimate of somewhere around 175 trips on the big golf ball to date, I suppose none of this should come as a surprise. 

Maybe one of these days I'll try to actually count up how many pictures I have in total of Spaceship Earth, but if we consider 160 to be a typical number in recent years, I can only imagine how many hundreds or even thousands I've taken in my lifetime. 

Have a magical day!