Monday, May 16, 2016

Day 1232: And So It Ends

They say that college is going to be the best four years of your life, and while in some regards they're entirely right, they're also sort of wrong. My first two years of college went by mostly without a hitch, but this third year tested me in ways I never expected. Still, this past semester especially brought me not only a new apartment and new classes, but new friends and a new life altogether.

I'm logical enough to not go in depth about anything that did happen in the past 9 months, but in the last 4 there were so many great moments that definitely outshone the bad ones, and I couldn't have done any of it without my pals in the picture up above. You already know Megan, and then there's me, followed by my friends Brian, Lauren, Erin, and Allie, and I owe each of them so much for basically saving my junior year, taking it from the hell I experienced in December and January and turning it into the joy and happiness of these last few months.

Whether it be trips to see Donald Trump on our college campus or Game of Thrones marathons, late night chats, awkward experiences, cherpumples, movie nights, or most importantly, our sunshine lunches, this bunch let me be myself and helped me rise up rather than attempted to bring me down, and I'm definitely a stronger person now, more dedicated to my future than ever.

But we're still at the end of my sixth semester of college, a point in time I never really expected to actually come. I've lived in four different campus buildings, and taken a whole slew of classes, but luckily I have another year to spend with these folks before I head somewhere far off, and before that last year even comes I've got a whole summer to dedicate to the things and people I love, and considering where I was a few months ago, nothing makes me happier than that prospect.

Have a magical day!