Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Day 1233: A Museum of Art

When we travel to Florida, we usually end up leaving Wisconsin really early in the morning. In fact, most of our flights are before 7 in the morning, which means that driving the two hours from our home to Milwaukee gets kind of annoying when it's 2 in the morning. Instead, my mom and I have a tendency to prefer to stay in a hotel nearby the airport the night before so that we can at least get some rest the night before we fly out. 

This trip, however, we decided to go down a bit earlier than just the night before. Instead, we went down the afternoon before and made a stop at the Art Museum in Milwaukee, which I haven't visited in a while. I took a few pictures of my favorites, which, may I add, I own no rights to! 

The picture on the left below is by Georgia O'Keefe of Chimney Rock, which is located at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. I was particularly excited to see this piece, along with several other of O'Keefe's paintings, because I'll be heading to New Mexico this summer to see the real Chimney Rock and visit several of her inspirational sights. As for the piece on the right, I just really identified with the cat lady.

The below picture is titled "Catastrophe." What a catastrophe indeed. It actually made me laugh while in the museum though, simply because it reminds me of the stereotypical life of a college student, where the worst thing that happens sometimes is that the wine spills.

I don't really know why I liked the below picture so much, but it also probably had something to do with something I hope to see on a trip this summer. 

As for this one, I just really loved the design and the colors. At the time, I'm pretty sure it reminded me of something Disney, but I can't really remember what that thing was...

And finally I discovered a part of the museum that featured an "Infinity Room," which is created with lights and mirrors to make it seem to go on for infinity. I'd never been in there before, but the second I walked in I couldn't believe how similar it felt. After all, there's an infinity room somewhere right on Disney property...on Spaceship Earth! Can you tell which one is which? 

And those were the highlights of my trip to the Art Museum. I definitely saw most of the museum, and obviously saw more than what I have featured here, but you just can't capture an entire building full of amazing art in one blog post. After all, it seemed to go on for an infinity. 

Have a magical day!