Monday, May 30, 2016

Day 1246: An American Flag

One of the best parts about being an Alumni of a High School Band is the opportunity you're given to continue to help serve the community on important days like today: Memorial Day. For the past two years I helped by carrying the banner, and while that was my intent today as well, unfortunately a bad ankle kept me from marching. Instead I helped out by filming the entire event, per usual, and attended the ceremony complete in my red marching polo to match the group. 

However, as I stood across the room from hundreds in my town, I couldn't help but feel sort of bothered. The stands weren't full, not by a long shot, and certainly not like at basketball games. Many of those there were parents of band members or those who are family members to those that have served or are serving.

I know for a fact that my town is much large enough to fill that entire room, and then some, but where was everyone? Here I was, supporting the band, which was supporting our country in the best way I know how, and the large majority of my town was skipping out on the day, sleeping in or heading up North or, in all honesty, just doing nothing. 

So I ask of you, my blog readers, what did you do this Memorial Day? 

Have a magical day!