Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Day 1275: Jack of All Trades

One of the most frustrating things about being a photographer is the fact that you can take pictures for other people, but taking pictures of yourself is near impossible. It's not, of course, because even I have worked with self-photography before, setting the camera on a tripod with a time or using a wireless remote, but you ultimately spend more time fussing with the camera in those instances than you do actually taking pictures. So in other words, it works some of the time, but not all the time.

Luckily, my roommate is pretty great at taking pictures after the settings are done and I've shown her a few examples, so for the first time in a while, I have some actual headshots!

Megan and I spent about an hour and a half across the river from our college, taking headshots for both of us, and while it's great to have some new headshots, it was even more fun to explore the area! I spend so much of my time at college in class, doing homework, or now, in the summer, blogging in my apartment, that I rarely get to explore what's actually in the area. Within walking distance we found some really beautiful old buildings, a water fountain that I had way too much fun with, and views of the Fox River that supplied a spectacular background. 

Photography, of course, has always been sort of a side project for my entire family. When my brother was born I got my first camera. I was four, and since then I've definitely worked with more than a few different cameras, both in film and digital. Now I usually borrow my Dad's DSLR to achieve the higher quality shots, whether those be of cats on our front porch or in the form of headshots for my friends. 

The truth is, I actually love photography, and I would love to spend an entire trip or more just walking around taking pictures of everything at Walt Disney World. The problem? I'm usually videoing, which, in the end, is ultimately more important than taking pictures to post on my Instagram. In the matter of one trip I can film anywhere from 2 to 10 videos if I spend my time correctly, and that's not even including the vlogs. 

So I'm left with a choice: to either photograph things or film them. I mean, I can't take pictures and film with only two hands. I'd need three for that, at least if I want to use the DSLR and not my phone. It's a decision that means carrying around two not so light cameras and may ultimately result in only a few pictures or not enough video. In the end I'll probably risk it and bring both though, because there's really no better time to experiment with photography than at Walt Disney World, right? 

Have a magical day!