Saturday, June 11, 2016

Day 1258: Banana Bread Pudding

One of my all time favorite Disney restaurants is Boma, and I'll be completely honest in saying that I go more for the dessert than anything else. Since my first trip to the restaurant years ago, I've been a huge fan of the Zebra Domes, which I try to pick up as often as possible since they also sell them at Mara. However, that's not the only dessert that's top notch at Boma, because there's a whole slew of amazing treats to try out, including the Banana Bread Pudding.

My brother made this for a 4-H Foods Review a while back, but I liked the recipe so much that I picked it up while I was at home this weekend and spent part of my afternoon today making the dessert, despite the fact that I'm the only one home. Oh well, more for me! It's actually a really simple recipe, which doesn't always happen when Disney food is involved (the recipe for School Bread actually scares me a little), and aside from misreading the recipe and having to return to the store for more heavy cream, everything else was a breeze!

And yes, you can indeed find the recipe on AllEars!

So after a sort of frustrating start to my day, I returned to my apartment at college to watch Cars, eat sushi, and make Banana Bread Pudding. It's definitely lightened my mood and made me ready to spend some time working on Everyday Disney before the day is through. Leave it to Disney movies and Disney desserts to make a day better.

Have a magical day!