Monday, June 20, 2016

Day 1267: Castles

Just a quick blog post today to share that the world has finally been graced with a graphic that helps describe the size of the Disney Castles throughout the world! 

While we were talking about Shanghai the other day, I was trying to describe the size of the castle to my roommate and couldn't figure out a good way to describe it. Obviously, the Shanghai castle is the largest ever, but how does it actually stack up against Walt Disney World and Disneyland? 

While I'm honestly unsure where the above graphic originated, it does a great job of showcasing how the castles compare! I actually find it really interesting that the three castles defined as Sleeping Beauty Castle are smaller than both of the Cinderella Castles. And then you just have Enchanted Storybook Castle over there, bigger than all of them. I do suppose it makes me feel a bit better knowing that Shanghai is only a few feet taller than the one I see all the time at Magic Kingdom, but you know, seeing it for myself wouldn't be all that bad either! 

Have a magical day!