Friday, June 3, 2016

Day 1250: Chocolate Challenge!

After an incredibly long semester and a couple weeks off, I'm back for the summer, and that means that it's time for a new video! For my last trip to Walt Disney World, I asked the internet a few questions to determine what kind of adventures I would have while in Florida, and one of the options was to give me a random challenge that I could accept and take on. I definitely listened, and while you'll hear LOTS more about these challenges, a few of them warranted extra time, and that led to the creation of extra videos over the next few weeks! 

There was one challenge that came in at the very end, however, and it really caught my eye. The challenge was to eat chocolate from around the world, which I really felt was a unique take on the "Eat Around the World" challenge that so many of us take on at least once or twice. But instead of taking on the challenge at Disney, where there's already so much food to eat, I figured that this challenge might be able to travel, and travel it did! I ended up with about a pound of chocolate and other assorted candy that made it all the way back to Wisconsin, which is extra great because I get to share with my family and friends! 

As you can imagine, chocolate was a pretty popular item throughout World Showcase, although there are a few countries that don't stock a lot of the confection. Instead, if I couldn't find chocolate, I tried to pick a candy that would be a representative of the country. So, in the case of Morocco, I couldn't find chocolate, but I did find Turkish Delight, and in China I picked up some Ginger Chews. Italy and Canada also gave me a few problems, but ultimately there was chocolate for all 11 countries around World Showcase. 

Now, if I had to pick a favorite, it would definitely be the Irish Whiskey Dark Chocolate I got from the United Kingdom, although the Milka Bar (which is made in Germany but stood in for Italy) is a close second. I wasn't terribly impressed with our own American chocolate, which I bought at my grocery store, because what's more American than Hershey's? All in all though, everything was excellent, because it turns out that other countries really know how to make their chocolate. 

Keep your eyes on Everyday Disney and YouTube for all new content coming your way this summer! There may be a few days to make up from the past few months (ok, more than a few), but there's a lot planned in the future, so hold on tight and keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the blog at all times! Now, I'm off to go find some of the leftover chocolate to help me power through a few more blog posts today!

Have a magical day!