Friday, June 10, 2016

Day 1257: The Martian

One of my goals this summer was to read more. After all, for an English major, I really don't do much reading at all, and that's probably not beneficial to my overall education here at St. Norbert. I suppose some of it has to do with the fact that what I read in class is more than enough for my attention span per day, but as I've picked up a couple of books already, I've remember just how much I really miss reading. Just the simple act of sitting down on the balcony outside and reading is really calming, and drastically different from all the binge watching of The Office I've been doing recently.

After getting back from Florida and finishing the last book I read, an easy read about a road trip, I knew exactly what I wanted to read next. The last time I happened to be looking around Barnes and Noble I spotted a copy of The Martian, the film that everyone loved so much a few months ago. I intended to see the film, but since I didn't actually get around to it yet, I figured that reading the book first was probably a fair plan, and I'm happy to say that after three days of reading here and there I'm almost finished...and I bought the movie today so I can watch it when I do finish.

If you're not familiar with The Martian, it's basically the story of a man stranded accidentally on Mars after a failed mission, and about his struggle to both survive and get home to Earth. It's a great read for sure, definitely witty and suspenseful all at once, but it's also made me think of a particular Disney attraction, which I've never actually been on.

To be fair, I've been in the after show area of Mission SPACE, but my motion sickness paired with an intense simulator sounds like a prime recipe for disaster. So instead of risking it, I've just avoided it, and now it's actually the only attraction at Walt Disney World I've never been on. I do know what it's about though, and the fact that it's a mission to Mars offers more than enough of a connection to The Martian itself, but it's actually the game in the exit area that really reminded me of this book.

If you're unfamiliar with the area, like if you just walk by it after the ride every time, there's numerous games and a play area for the kids, and actually it's often not all that busy, making it a great place to cool off or take a break. Inside, you can play this video game, which I'm playing in the picture above, that sends you on a mission to rescue fellow astronauts on Mars. Now, if that's not like The Martian, I don't know what is (although in the book/movie, he's the only one one to save him but himself). Either way, sometimes while I'm reading the book I just sort of picture the video game, although the game has a lot more sunlight than the picture in my head does.

I highly recommend The Martian, at least the book. I'll let you know about the movie once I watch it. And if you haven't stopped to play the games at the end of Mission SPACE, check them out sometime! They're pretty entertaining and a lot of fun!

Have a magical day!