Friday, June 17, 2016

Day 1264: Bringing People Together

I always thought that the Disney Parks were the best way to bring people together, but after spending a week with the kids at this summer's band camp I've realized that there's something even better...and it's still Disney related! 

That's right. It's Star Wars

Over the past week, it occurred to me that there, in one room, there were almost three generations of people and we could all bond over the fact that we love Star Wars. The students worked incredibly hard all week on this piece, which included selections from The Force Awakens, and while they didn't play the entire thing (really they left out some of the best parts), it still sounded amazing, and in complete honesty, it was the piece that improved the most over the week they've been with us. 

That's right. Here's a group of middle school students that have never played together before, and by the end of the week they actually played something that resembled Star Wars. This one piece brought them together in a way that I don't think I've seen before, because they were all just so dedicated to a common goal. 

And when you see people come together like that, that's real magic. 

Have a magical day!