Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 791: Lifesize

I guess the posts about OUAT are continuing, at least for a day, because THERE IS A GIANT CAPTAIN HOOK IN MY DORM ROOM.

Many moons ago, I apparently convinced one of my friends from High School to start watching OUAT, and since she found Hook in Season 2, I've not only found a fellow Oncer, but also a fellow Hooker. Obviously, since then we frequently freak out about the one and only Colin O'Donoghue, so last week when he was visiting the Once offices and Adam Horowitz posted this picture, we took it as a sign. 

Soon after, she ordered a lifesize cardboard Captain Hook, and when I got an email today saying there was a package and it turned out to be a giant thing, I had a sneaking suspicion that my own Lifesize Killian was only moments away. I opened the box and sure enough, there was my own Captain Hook. My problem right now? Trying to figure out where to put him. Regardless, I'm pretty much in love with this thing and I have the bestest friends ever and this made my day and I HAVE A COLIN IN MY ROOM. 

So yeah...I'm happy, and I definitely think that this surprise counts as a pretty big part of the Disney in my Monday.  

Have a magical day!