Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 806: Sláinte


A couple of years ago, I'm pretty sure I couldn't have cared less about this day, but thanks to one Colin O'Donoghue and a little band called The Enemies, my love of everything Irish has really brought a new meaning to the holiday. Now, I'm pretty sure I can't get enough of everything Irish, and lucky for me I have little Buckley Liam Jones to help me celebrate! So, thanks to Megan's fine suggestion, I figured I'd tell you a bit about how I'm celebrating the holiday, as well as how I often wish I were celebrating it in a much more Disney fashion!

My day began with a trip to the local bakery, where I picked up a loaf of Irish Soda Bread. Now, I normally am not a raisin fan, but of all the things on this planet, there's one baked item I'll condone the use of them in, and that's Irish Soda Bread. After all, since I can't yet legally drink, I need to fill up on Irish foods to solve the lack of Irish in my life!

And of course, I figure I'll throw this in right in the middle, my Disneybound of the day for the March Disneybound Challenge is one of my all time favorites, most likely because of the fact that it got me on Buzzfeed, but it's also all green, and that made it the only option for this holiday! Plus, Peter Pan on St. Patrick's Day when the cause of my obsession with Irish everything also happens to portray Captain Hook? I do believe the connections are strong here!

But the Irish doesn't stop there! I actually still have a slice of Bailey's Irish Cream Cake in my mini-fridge ready to eat once I finish blogging for the day, and as I write this I'm eagerly listening to the St. Patrick's Day Station on Pandora. Best Decision of my day!

Of course, one of my favorite ways to celebrate everything Irish is a trip to Raglan Road at Downtown Disney! A few years back I went to dinner at the Pub, sadly with a headache, and the experience was less than desirable. We did go back this past January and I had a great time though, loving every moment of the Irish surrounding me. Gosh, I think a trip to Ireland is definitely in my future, right?

Also, who's up for putting in an Ireland pavilion at Epcot? I vote yes. No? Just me. Well I can dream.

But before we go, I'll mention a bit about some Irish I've learned! The title of this blog post, Sláinte, is a word I recently learned when watching Rick Steve's Europe, and it's a toast that basically means "good health" in Irish, as it's often accompanied by mhaith.

So sláinte mhaith everyone! And I hope you've had (or are having) a wonderful, safe, and magical St. Patrick's Day!