Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 794: Be The Character

I'm warning you right now that this post might seem a bit off, but it just happens to be where it fits in my order of posts, and so, because of Midterms, I'm writing this on the 16th and not the 5th and therefore you get a glimpse into the future. Actually, time travel is pretty I'd better go check the flux capacitor to make sure we can get back.

Anyway, a week or two ago, Disney released the new #DisneySide app where you can turn yourself into a Disney character, and while I didn't turn myself into a character, I did turn Colin O'Donoghue into one...or two...or ten...but we won't share those because I'm not that cruel to one of my favorite actors. As for the app though, you should definitely try it out! It's called simply "Disney Side" and you can find it in the App Store for Apple products for sure (not 100% sure about Androids and such though since, obviously, I don't have one).

As for me, I've officially taken on the March Disneybound Challenge, as you may have read in a post earlier in the month. I do remember attempting the idea last year and it just 100% fell through, but this year I was more determined, and I had a new rule: With the exception of the OUAT Disneybounds, which are generally more thought out and need a bit of extra planning due to their nature, everything that made up my Disneybounds for the rest of the month had to come from my current closet. Surprisingly, the task of coming up with 31 different Disneybounds was pretty easy, or at least much easier than last year, and in fact, I've come up with so many that I have the ability to interchange them here and there! So, since we're well into the month already, I figured I would share some of the Disneybounds. Not pictured are my OUAT Bounds, which serve as the Sunday outfit, as they will have a special post, as usual, later in the season of OUAT.

As you can see, I've had a whole slew of characters that appear from all over the board so far this month. Some of my personal favorites? I LOVED Pinocchio, which was originally created for my trip to Disney in January, only because of the cold it was pretty difficult to get the full effect (I paired it down there with my black leather jacket, which you can see in some of my photos if you go back to the posts that accompany the trip). I was also a huge fan of the Fix It Felix Disneybound, as was Instagram, the Bert Disneybound I did for a recital performance on the 6th and Brer Bear this past week. Over all though, I've really been enjoying the Disneybounding this month, especially with realizing just how many I've come to find in my closet...which leads us to a bit of a short story time! 

I remember a number of years ago when I was first introduced to Disneybounding. It's actually been around longer than I sometimes remember, but if I go back I can find some of my earlier Disneybounds. The first "official" one I can really remember is Merida, but this was the first one I really posted in my traditional Disneybound format: my Epcot Disneybound, which actually is still one of my favorites (yes I still have those shoes, and they're one of the few pairs I keep specifically for one Disneybound. I got them for free so...), only now I also have the World Showcase bow from Magical Ribbons to help tie everything together. 

But back in those days, one thing was for sure: Disneybounding was hard. My closet was filled with blacks and blues and greys, and that's about it. Now? If you look at my closet compared to the closets of my roommates, mine is the bright and colorful one. It's funny because we all have our own individual style, with Megan wearing a lot of pastels, me and my bright, flashy colors, Hannah with her beautiful flower prints and Ashley with these seriously great sweaters and cardigans. But the simple fact is this: Disneybounding has changed my closet to the point where now I have my own list of essential items, but I feel like that's a post for another day. I do have one suggestion though: if you're going to go out and buy some "essentials" for your Disneybounds, do it at a thrift store or Goodwill or something. Personally, here in my area with have Plato's Closet, which buys and sells namebrand clothing. Almost everything I buy comes from Platos now, and I'm literally not joking. About 70% of my closet has come from that store, and many of my shirts that are used over and over for Disneybounds cost me under $5. It's a lifesaver, and once you find a store like that, you very rarely buy things directly from a store. 

As for the rest of the March Disneybound Challenge, there are certainly some interesting ones still to come, and you can expect a full recap of the month at the end of March! =)

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on March 16 due to Midterms).