Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 813: That's Just Brilliant

One of the great things about being a blogger is that some times you just need to sit down and do some research, and sometimes that research means sitting down and doing any number of things. It could mean listening to a CD, reading a book, eating food or, in my case today, watching YouTube videos. Now, as you may already know, I'm not just a blogger, as I also make vlogs that correspond with my Disney trips for YouTube. While yes, the rate at which those vlogs actually appear on YouTube is very slow, you can bet that the previous trip's vlogs are done before I go and film new stuff (which means I have roughly two and a half months left to finish the ones from January...right?) To be honest, being a part of the YouTube community is great, and there are so many wonderful videos out there for you to discover, if you only spend a few minutes searching for them. After all, I've had several blog posts here on Everyday Disney that explore some of my favorite YouTube videos, and who knows what else there is out there that I haven't found yet.

Today, while sitting in one of my classes, for some reason I felt the real urge to just sit and watch some old time, vintage Disney things, and while that's not at all what I ended up watching, it is a common hobby for me. Instead, I simply searched YouTube for Disney World and came up with a few things, including some commercials put out by the official Disney Parks YouTube. Here's my personal favorite:

Now I know our Disneyland friends haven't had their share of MyMagic+ yet, but let me tell you...you think you'll hate it and then suddenly you wonder what in the world you did without it. MagicBands are like...I don't even have words to describe them. They do so much and make your entire trip a million times more convenient. I have no clue what I'm going to do without one when I head to Disneyland come August! 

The problem is that, as you can see in the video, when you get home you kind of fall into this weird place where you start to wonder why you can't just charge everything to the magical colored wristband on your arm. Suddenly you need a key to open doors (and I swear that colleges should invest in this because it would be a million times easier than an ID card all the time), and no...you can't just skip in lines because guess what..Fastpass+ doesn't exist in the rest of the world. 

There are several other ads similar to this one out there, and I highly suggest watching them all if you're a Walt Disney World fan and want a laugh. There's another one that talks about the MyDisneyExperience App and the mom has post-it notes just everywhere and that is 100% how I feel about my life right now. Regardless, give them all a watch! 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on March 27 due to a wonderful cold...)