Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 814: Under the Weather

There aren't many things I dislike more in this world than being sick. Alright, so maybe sick isn't at the very top of the list, but it's certainly high up there because I really am not digging the whole stuffy nose, up all night, head feels like it's too heavy to stay on my body thing. And yet, that's where I am in my life. A few weeks back I was joking with some fellow music majors actually, about the fact that, in our quartet, I'm the only one who had yet to get sick this semester because really, it's inevitable. You get sick eventually. Turns out that wouldn't last much longer because since Monday night I've just been downright sick. Not sick enough to constitute not going to class (in other words I've gone this whole week), but sick enough to not feel like doing anything beyond the bare minimum of my homework...and that certainly doesn't constitute blogging.

But on top of that fact, being sick also means that I've spent a lot of time in my dorm room this week, and there's just not a lot that goes on here beyond fun discussions with my roommates. However, we've all been so bogged down in work this past week that it's even been kind of boring around here. Which means there hasn't been a lot of Disney in my life, aside from the continuation of the #EverydayDisneyChallenge on Instagram and the March Disneybound Challenge.

And sometimes that happens. Even on day 814 of Everyday Disney...where there's 813 days filled with everyday references to the parks, movies, characters and beyond, there are days when there's very little Disney to be found aside from the regular, constant, things. Those days are depressing...and thankfully they don't happen very often (although once and a while...more like twice a week...I end up asking Megan what my blog post is about simply because I'm sometimes too caught up in life to remember what would even make a good topic). When they do happen though, there are a few things I can do, and so I present to you...

A Quick Guide to Bringing Little Bits of Disney into Your Everyday Life!

(That's an incredibly long title...I know). 


There are TONS of great Disney YouTube channels out there, and I'm not just saying that because I do the occasional video here and there! No, I'm being completely serious, and one of my favorite Disney YouTubers is none other than Maxwell Glick and his series How 2 Disney! Here's his latest video and he's got plenty more out there for you to check out. Let's just say that I'm not a fan of asparagus and yet he has me 100% convinced that I'll be having some come August when I visit Disneyland!


Another spectacular way to incorporate a little bit of Disney into your day is through Pandora or another music venue. I love Pandora because it's free, I can program in stations and it offers a great selection, although I've also been known to use iTunes Radio and Live365 for my Disney Music and Audio Fix. At the moment I've been into the Thomas Newman station, as he did the music for films such as Saving Mr. Banks and Finding Nemo, among many others, meaning that it's just this kind of chill, often times piano, modern music. Great for studying and working without a distraction! Other than that, I'm always into the St. Patrick's Day Station and Irish Music (reminiscent Raglan Road), John Williams Radio (Star Wars), and any sort of Disney Station to begin with. story...just as I went to pause my Pandora so I could go watch Max's new video, the next song popped up, and it just so happened to be from Wall-e! 


This one seems almost like a no-brainer, as will the next one, but just stick with me! There are really some great opportunities out there for Disney to fill in the little spots left in your day! I follow a ton of different Disney pinners, and I know there's a significant number of Disney lovers who follow me. Now, don't get discouraged by my insane amount of pins involving Once Upon A Time, because while I have one OUAT board with like 1500 pins or something, I also have 19 Disney specific boards, plus a Star Wars board, and there's Disney hidden throughout. I don't pin everything I see, obviously, but as luck would have it, this was the first pin on my feed when I pulled it up just now: 


Just like Pinterest, if you're already on social media, Tumblr is a great way to bring some extra Disney into your day. Of course, this kind of goes for all social media, whether it's Instagram (my personal preference), Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or something else. There are many, many, MANY, great Disnerds out there and I like to think we're a pretty lively group. After all, we all share a common interest: Disney.

Do a Disney Photo Challenge: 

Now, maybe I'm putting this on the list as shameless self promotion, but definitely, one of my favorite ways to keep the magic alive between trips is to do a Disney Photo Challenge! There are tons of different options out there for what you can do with these, whether you're on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, where I run my personal Photo Challenge from. If you want to join us on the #EverydayDisneyChallenge, a new month will be starting soon, and while each month is themed to a different thing, you can always take your own approach to it! I love seeing the creative things people come up with, whether it's just straight shot pictures from the parks or maybe a sketch for everyday of the month based on the prompt! Be creative with it! 


I'm constantly an advocate for this trend because I'm a 100% supporter of it! Obviously, or else I wouldn't spend a significant amount of time planning what to wear for a television show every Sunday evening. But actually, this month of Disneybounding has shown me just how easy it is to Disneybound, and how often times we have more outfits in our closet than we might thing. While there are definitely a few pieces that I'm always looking to get in my wardrobe (right now it would be shorter black boots), I'm astonished at how easy the past month has been. In fact, just today on my walk to class I came up with another Disneybound, meaning that I have way more outfits than I have days in the month of March! You can do it too, as it's a simple, easy way to bring a little extra Disney into your day without it being super obvious. Plus, Disneybounding can take as little as five minutes, which is how long it took for me to throw together this Han Solo look: 

For more inspiration on Disneybounding, you can check out the original Disneybound website HERE, and I suggest following one of my favorite Tumblr accounts, DisneyboundGoesLive

Of course, this list is already getting lengthy, and the longer I go on, the more little ideas I have for you to incorporate Disney into your everyday life. So I think this is the start of a new beginning. I'm going to make a note right now that next time I'm without a blog post topic for the day I'll add onto this list, using the tag Quick Guide to Everyday Disney (after all...that really is a long title). 

Have a magical day everyone! 

(Note: This blog post was written on March 27 due guessed it...sickness).