Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 808: Tiana Style

There might just be one thing I didn't mention in the last post when considering the things that I've done over break, but this one just felt like a topic for a whole post.

I love food, like most people, and I definitely love Disney food, so when you put them together it's a match made in heaven. Granted, 99% of the time I can't really get my hands on Disney food, so I have to come up with a homemade solution. And that's the thing...I can make a lot more than just cupcakes, although that is my specialty. Oh no, I can make plenty of other stuff too (and in fact, while I love baking, I love cooking just as much)!

Which means that when my mom approached me a week or so ago about making beignets over break, I was 1. A bit confused, because I've made them before and it wasn't like it was something new and 2. All for it. After a number of busy days that meant no making beignets for me this past week, I finally got around to it, and the results were certainly delicious:

You know, I think Tiana's onto something here with these Man-Catching Beignets. All my friends loved them, and I think there's a great possibility for a special treat with these every once and a while. Now...if only I could figure out how to send them to my favorite actors...

Regardless, these beignets were absolutely delicious, and pretty darn easy to make, especially if you already know your way around a stand mixer, a rolling pin and a pot full of hot oil. The whole thing took me around two hours to make, and that's including sprinkling on that generous helping of honey and powdered sugar. The other great part about this delicacy? Most recipes make a TON of them. This one happened to make around 50 beignets, meaning I took some to three different friends and my family had plenty to snack on around our house too. So they're definitely a good choice for an easy dessert at a party or something. If you're curious as to what recipe I used, this particular time I used THIS recipe, but I change it up every so often. Last time I made pumpkin spice beignets, but that was years ago so don't get any ideas about asking me for the recipe there.

And yes, I do prefer powdered sugar and honey on my beignets, although most just stick with the sugar. I don't know why, but I just feel like it adds something extra to them!

Let me know if you make beignets yourself, and yes, I have been using the hashtag on my social media: #TianaStyle. So how does your #DisneySide Tiana Style show through? Cooking up some Gumbo? Whipping up a batch of Man-Catching Beignets like me? Let me know!

Have a magical day!