Friday, March 6, 2015

Day 795: The Love Triangle Theory: Volume 2

Let me tell you flat out: this post has been a long time in coming.

If you've been around since the beginning, or near beginning, of Everyday Disney, you might remember a blog post I did on Day 98, titled Love Triangles. If you haven't read that post, you can go back and find it HERE. Basically, I have this theory, which I, obviously, call the Love Triangle Theory. It states that in any love triangle, regardless of the situation or film or previous relations (*cough* Luke & Leia *cough*), the second two portions of the love triangle will automatically end up together. Of course, there's probably some real science behind all of this, like the fact that, yes, of course the second two in like a RomCom will end up together because otherwise there wouldn't be a love triangle and so on and so forth...but I have new couples to prove my point here.

Hmmm...but what order to put them in? I call this volume the Once Upon A Time edition soo.....

Robin & Regina: 

Affectionately called OutlawQueen by us Oncers, this couple definitely showcases the Love Triangle Theory, especially as we continue forward in the season. I will not, however, give away any spoilers, so let's take a step back and examine one of the favorite couples on the show. Robin Hood is married to Maid Marian, who is dead and then not dead (that sentence, oddly enough, sums up the whole show...dead and then not dead. Wow), and meanwhile Robin Hood falls in love with Regina, who's former true love, Daniel, died when her mother ripped out and crushed his heart. Regardless, that means that we have Marian, Robin and Regina as the three points on the love triangle. Now yes, I know what you're thinking, "But Lizzie, Robin Hood went to New York with Marian and picked her!" But you see, it's not over yet, and I, like many others, do indeed believe that OutlawQueen will come back as endgame. After all, he did say, when Marian was frozen, by the way, that he loves Regina, and we all know that True Love's kiss didn't there...point proven.

Anna & Kristoff:

Just because this is the OUAT Edition doesn't mean these Frozen characters can't make an appearance too! After all, they WERE on OUAT! By this point, we all know the story of Anna and Kristoff, and of course, the second I saw Frozen over a year ago I was like "LOVE TRIANGLE THEORY!" because these two, plus Hans, are literally a 100% perfect example. So we have Princess Anna, who meets Hans and wants to marry him within a song and five minutes. Part one of the love triangle. She THEN meets Kristoff, second, and they go on the giant adventure and she still thinks Hans in her true love even though he isn't and then she ends up with Kristoff. Easy enough, right? Obviously, on OUAT we know they get married (after an extremely long other adventure that also involves Hans and pirates and a curse and yeah). Point Proven...again.

Charming & Snow: 

I'm not really sure how much this one counts, but I think it does because back in Season 1 there was the whole Kathryn thing, so let's think this through. Snow and Charming didn't meet until after he was already engaged to Abigail (Kathryn), therefore making them the second halves of the love triangle, even in Storybrooke. So the whole time you just KNOW that they're going to end up together...although I guess we kind of knew that even without the whole Love Triangle Theory thing but STILL...POINT PROVEN!

Emma & Hook: 

Of course the daughter of a successful love triangle would also be part of a love triangle...and of course I'd save the best for last. Granted, Hook and Emma are actually really screwed up when it comes to love triangles. I mean, after all, there was the whole memory loss thing, and a character death (And then un-death...and then re-death), and then the time travel and snow monster and really this is just getting tiring...but they are one of the greatest examples of the love triangle, and the reason that it's taken me two years to post Volume 2 of the theory. I've been waiting for my OTP to become cannon enough to make this post for so long, and I refused to make Volume two without them, so lucky for me, the love triangle theory continues. Basically, we had this situation:

Emma meets Neal, falls in love with Neal, has Henry with Neal, but Neal abandoned her, so then she went to Storybrooke like 12 years later, where she eventually ends up going to the Enchanted Forest, where she meets Hook (second), then they all go back to Storybrooke, and Neal comes back, and then dies, but then he comes back (Again), and then there's a really awkward love triangle throughout Neverland and then Hook says he's gonna back off, but then Emma has to leave and Hook saves her and Neal dies (again) and then CaptainSwan becomes a thing after a really weird duel CaptainSwan moment in the past. Wow that's confusing. But it's also yet another example of the love triangle theory, and probably one of the more important ones when it comes down to it. 

Regardless, the point with all of these is this: the love triangle theory always works. As for Rumbelle, it works for them too, except for right now because who knows what's gonna go down with this whole Will Scarlet thing. I just hope that whatever happens, they don't mess up the theory. It would put a real downer on this whole idea. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on March 16 due to Midterms).