Thursday, March 26, 2015

Day 815: Where To Go?

It seems like the list of places most of us would like to travel in our lives has a million locations on it. Personally, I know very well that I could easily name at least 15-20 cities, tourist locations, countries or areas in the world I'd like to see with my own two eyes, Ireland and Steveston (aka Storybrooke) currently at the top, but what's weird is when you sit down and have a real, serious conversation with others about the places you'd like to travel and why.

This week, Disney Cruise Line announced their 2016 Cruise Line-Up, and apparently in my world, it's been pretty big news. You can read the official announcement HERE on the Disney Parks Blog and here's the announcement video from Disney Cruise Line, just so you can get an idea of what's all been announced:

Yes, you heard correctly, Disney Cruise Line will be headed to Ireland in 2016, and now proceed with the questions. "Lizzie, I thought you wanted to go to Ireland? Why not go!?!" 

To be completely honest, that video did a spectacular job of convincing me to go on a European Cruise (probably much to the delight of my Mom and the terror of my Dad), and in reality, I guess it wouldn't be that long as I get to go to Ireland and all of the other locations. However, I feel like I'd also like to spend time back in Ireland for a while longer...meaning a more expensive and longer trip. So when it comes down to it, I wouldn't want to fly all the way across an Ocean to go on a cruise and miss out on sightseeing in Colin O'Donoghue's hometown of Drogheda. (So Mom...those are my terms). 

But my roommates actually went and looked at the pricing for this same cruise, which I found pretty darn amusing, and then decided that they couldn't afford it (what college student could?) and put it on the backburner for a trip in the distant future (which I'm all for...assuming I have a job that can help me pay for it). And that led to a conversation about other places we'd like to go. As I said previously, I'd love to go to Ireland, specifically Drogheda, which is about a half hour from Dublin. Aside from that, there's a lot of locations across Europe I'd like to visit, including the usual France and Italy, but also England and, thanks to Frozen, Norway. But if I can't afford a trip of that size, I'd definitely like to head out to the Northwest in the future, see Seattle and, of course, make the trip across the Canadian border to see the town where my favorite fairy tales come to life, Steveston, a short distance away from Vancouver. Actually all of Van would be great to check out, if only because it's home to many of the locations my favorite actors frequent. 

As for my roommates, we also talked about Hawaii, since I had a conversation about that with my Mom the other day as well. Personally, I think there are many other locations I'd like to go to before Hawaii, although I'm sure it's lovely there. Megan and I just talked about the possibility of where the SNC Wind Ensemble might go in 2016 for our bi-annual trip. I'm pushing for Ireland, but I'd be good with anywhere in Europe or even branching out as far as China, New Zealand or Australia. 

And of course, on top of all of these locations, there's always all of the Disney Parks throughout the world, and since I have a friend who recently headed to Disneyland Paris, the want to travel to the foreign parks is more real every day. That's all in the future though, and for now I'll just be settling for Florida and the distant land of California. Maybe Europe will be a 2016 thing, after all. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on March 27 due to the common cold).