Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 820: A Piece of Cake

It's the end of another month, and you all know what that means: An Everyday Disney Challenge update! If you haven't noticed already or if you read on a mobile device, Everyday Disney has had a feature put in place this year so my Instagram feed transfers and updates automatically on my blog, just so you can see my Disney pictures throughout the month as well! But if you haven't been looking, can't see them or just plain want to see them all again, here are my photos from Month 3 of the Challenge!

This month in particular was really wonderful, partly because it was Epcot Month, which of course I would be excited about, and partly because there have been several people joining in on the challenge! I've loved looking at everyone's pictures and have been going through and liking them here and there as I go as well! Plus, I've got some confirmation from a few people that they'll be joining again in April, which just so happens to be Animal Kingdom month, so I'm jazzed up for that as well!

Yep, it's definitely been a good month! But the end of one month just means the beginning of a new one, so here's the new, edited prompt for April! Originally, if you go back to the post at the beginning of the year talking about the challenge, April was scheduled to be Hollywood Studios month, but I changed it to Animal Kingdom in celebration of Earth Day based on a couple of requests! So we're diving into the animal world this next month and I couldn't be more exited! 

If you feel so included, please join us on Instagram for the Everyday Disney Challenge! I've loved seeing the photos and can't wait to see what everyone comes up with this month!

Have a magical day!