Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Day 821: No Fooling Here

It may be April 1, and yes, maybe I did decide a bit too late that I should have come up with a brilliant April Fools joke (which I'll now be saving for next year, thank you very much..because I did eventually come up with one), I've been a bit busy working on other things today...including currently watching Gone with the Wind, but that's a blog post for tomorrow.

Nope, today I decided that we're got to go back and review the second half of the month of the March Disneybound Challenge, which I did for the first time this least in its entirety. After all, I do Disneybound weekly for sure for Once Upon A Time, although I realize that the longer I go on the more difficult it becomes. However, as far as this month long challenge went, things were much easier than I expected. I had no problems coming up with various outfits for each day, and I feel like it's a great accomplishment in my life to know that my closet, which used to be filled with lots of black and blue and brown, is so colorful that I can do any wide range of Disneybounds! So without further ado, here's the second half of the month!

I haven't included the OUAT Disneybounds, just as I did the last time, because those have a blog post of their own coming up at the end of the season. I've definitely had a few favorites in this second half of the month, including Iago, Max Goof, Russel, Han Solo, and The Haunted Mansion, plus the ever classic Mickey Mouse! And while I'm certainly glad to have the ability to wear whatever I want and not have to think too hard when putting together my outfits in the morning (I can wear simple T-Shirts again!), I'm also going to miss the challenge a bit. My roommates had a great time everyday guessing what character (or the occasional attraction!) I was, and my Instagram will be a bit more lonely without TWO daily pictures. Regardless, you can bet that I'll be back for the March Disneybound Challenge 2016, and I hope you'll all join in too! Until then, I've got Disneybounds to plan for two Disney trips and the rest of the season of OUAT, so I've got my hands full there! 

Have a magical day!