Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 833: Yoda

For those of you that don't know, this past week the complete Star Wars saga was released on digital platforms for the very first time. It made some pretty big news, big enough that it even came up in my American Novels Class this afternoon. My professor was talking about the digital release and then commented that while the digital is cheaper, the way to go is really to just buy the complete Blu-Ray set, even if in less than a year it will be outdated and in another few years we'll all be buying a new "complete set." Regardless, he bought the Blu-Rays. His daughter, who's four, is apparently obsessed with Star Wars, and so this past weekend he sat her down and they watched the original film together. Apparently it went over fairly well aside from the 200 or so questions she asked throughout the film, ranging from "Why does that character have so many eyes" to "Who are Yoda's Parents?"

I found the Yoda question hilarious, first because Yoda doesn't even appear in the original film and it just goes to show that Star Wars definitely has a presence in our world even if you haven't seen the movies themselves, and secondly because it's actually a really good question. Who in the world are Yoda's parents? Intrigued, I wrote down a bit of our discussion from class, including this question, so I could both look into it later and write this blog post, but after reading up on Yoda, I've come to find that, like Once Upon A Time, I have one answer and more questions.

According to Wookieepedia, the go to website for everything Star Wars (I find myself there more often than maybe I am willing to admit, but that's a blog post topic for another day), we don't really know much about Yoda's parents, a fact that also came up in our discussion about Yoda in class, but I'll get to that in a minute. Based on what we know, Yoda came from a remote planet, although which one exactly still escapes us, and traveled to a more normal planet with a friend, eventually found out he had force powers, learned the ways of the Jedi and eventually became the awesome little Green Jedi we know and love.

And so, we still are left with the question of who Yoda's parents are. They'd have to be pretty old though, considering how old he is, so I doubt we'll ever find out. That is, unless we get a backstory someday. I have heard that we don't know much about his backstory because it makes him more mysterious though. We talked about that idea in class and really, it works. Yoda makes no sense...ever. Half of what he says doesn't even make sense, but it certainly doesn't make him any less awesome.

Speaking of Yoda...who won the Star Wars March Madness this year? Or is it still going on? *Goes and checks* Ahhh thank goodness, Darth Vader has won. First it was Yoda, then last year it was Obi Wan and now Vader. But you know what...why in the world does Obi Wan ALWAYS beat out Han Solo? We need to fix this people!

Have a magical day!