Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day 831: Look At That!

If you remember, back in January my laptop, HAL9000, had a bit of an accident involving a lot of water, a lot of rice, and a lot of waiting. He survived, amazingly, and I'm currently using him now, but that whole experience, along with a giant band trip video that took up way more of my time than I really wanted it to, the files on my computer and my external hard drives were spectacularly messed up. I've been meaning to fix it for ages, to go through and reorganize those files, putting the pictures from my phone into the correct places, sorting through the ridiculous number of saved photos for Everyday Disney and so on and so forth. The process takes a long time though, and that meant that I needed something to listen to in the background during the six hours I spent staring at my laptop screen. Of course, Disney fit the bill perfectly.

Last week I was listening to my Pandora when a song came on that sounded familiar, and I had this feeling that it was in one of the Disney Parks Videos I had. It wasn't, after all, but I felt the need to check, and when I found myself with hours spent in front of the TV (I happened to be on the back room futon), it felt like the perfect time to do so.

Of course, I've seen these videos time and time again, almost to a ridiculous point, but sometimes I forget that two of my roommates haven't exactly taken the same "Everything You Probably Didn't Need to Know About Walt Disney World" class as Megan has. We were all definitely working on stuff, but every once and a while, one of my roommates would pop into the room and watch a little bit of a video with me, asking questions about everything from New Fantasyland to Mission SPACE and all over the world.

It was actually pretty entertaining to see what kinds of things they might ask. My roommate Hannah has only been to Magic Kingdom, where I happened to see her last Spring Break, while Ashley hasn't been to Disney at all. Megan, of course, has been twice now, both times with me, and considering how long she's known me, she can generally answer a bunch of their questions herself. I do know, however, that we've been talking about us all taking a trip to Disney after our graduation from SNC, so that's exciting. Then again, I find any and every Disney trip exciting...

Either way, there's plenty more for them to learn, and I'm sure that in a few weeks when my new Disney Vacation Planning DVD gets here they'll stumble into the room and ask me a few more questions while I'm watching. I'll let you know how that goes when we get there though!

Have a magical day!