Sunday, April 5, 2015

Day 825: The Crossword

First things first...Happy Easter everyone, even if I am writing this at almost 10 at night and Easter, for much of the world, is already over. Regardless, it's been a long day filled with Disney things, and you all know what today meant. That's right, Easter is when Mom decided Dad and the brother were finding out about our Disney Trip this June, meaning that they, as of now, finally know about this extra vacation that's thrown in to celebrate my parents' anniversary. 

Now...after all my talk over the past month and a half or so about this trip and how to tell them about it, I'm sure you're wondering how it all worked out. After a long period of time trying to figure out how to surprise them while kind of making them work for it, I came up with a crossword puzzle for them to figure out, which looked something like the following. Actually that's the looks exactly like the following. 

This isn't the complete one, as the ones they worked on today also had specific letters boxed in that, when they unscrambled them, read "Walt Disney World June Sixth-Tenth." It took them what felt like an eternity to get all the answers...although they probably would have finished faster if they actually worked together instead of just sitting and copying off of one another every time one of them figured out a word. With a little help from me, it didn't take long to unscramble the letters though, and then the secret was out. 

Now, maybe they could have bee a little more excited about the whole thing. If it had been me I probably would have cried, although they are guys, so they probably wanted to appear more masculine or something. Either way, the crossword worked great, especially since some of the clues and words definitely had to do with the trip itself, such as "The Iron Spike Room," which led to "Wilderness Lodge," the resort at which we're staying. 

Other than that, my cousin made me this lovely present, which will have a place of honor in my bedroom at home since I unfortunately don't have that perfect place for it in my dorm room right now. Next year, on the other hand, I might be able to fit it in. Either way, I love it, and it's definitely just another way Disney appeared in my Easter Celebrations today! 

That all being said, I hope you had a lovely Easter! I'll see you all tomorrow! 

Have a magical day!