Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day 829: Gloomy

There was a day back in Year 1 of Everyday Disney where I talked about ways I try to cheer myself up when I've been having a bad day, and after an absolutely terrible Thursday, I figured I would do an updated post with the things that can always cheer me up these days. I won't go into the details of what all upset me, but it was just a real struggle, and I know that my friends definitely all know when I'm really, truly upset because you can just tell. I try to normally be the person that others can turn to when they need someone to talk to or a joke to cheer them up, so when I'm down, things just get weird. It doesn't happen often either, but when it does, there are a few things that help.

Back in 2013 when I did this post the first time, there were six things on my list: Blogging, Reading, Disney Music, Vlogs, Thinking about Disney (OR Harrison Ford), and Watching a Movie. You can read the entire post HERE, but a few things have changed for me, although some of them definitely still work. So here's a new list of Disney-related ways to make a gloomy day a bit more sunny:

Disney Music: This one was on the previous list, but it definitely still applies. There's not much in the world that can make me feel at least a little bit better than Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. I'm actually working on a different project involving the music from this show at the moment, but that's a blog post for another day. The truth is though, Disney Music provides such a wide range of emotions that there's certainly going to be a song for every mood you can find, including a gloomy one. You'll eventually find a piece that really helps cheer you up, and then just closing yourself in a room and listening to it might really calm you down.

Taking a OUAT Break: Favorite TV shows are going to range from person to person, but for me, OUAT is always there when I need a minute to unstress. Fairy Tales, on the most basic level, provide a way for the reader or audience to escape, and Once Upon A Time certainly does that through the magical moments we see on screen. Honestly, the money I spend once a year to download every episode in HD on iTunes is totally worth it and makes for a super easy way to go back and relive some of my favorite scenes while trying to calm down.

Disney Parks Vacation Videos: I know there are other blog posts where I've mentioned this one too, and I happen to know that in just a few weeks I'll have another blog post on the Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD, but sometimes watching footage from Disney is a great way to cheer yourself up. Granted, this only works if you're a Disney Parks fan like I am, but it can still apply to any Disney fan! Go out and find your favorite Disney film and watch that or, if you're like me, order a copy of the latest Disney Vacation Planning DVD to watch. It's a great way to calm yourself down and will make for a really interesting study later when things become outdated! Plus...did I mention that you can order one for free?

Colin O'Donoghue: Whenever I'm upset or have a long stressful day, my friends all seem to take it upon themselves to provide me with endless photographs of the one and only Colin O'Donoghue. Now, I'm pretty sure this won't work for everyone, but this is my list, and when I was upset the other day, the first time I really smiled all day was in response to a GIF of his ice bucket challenge from back in August, right at the end where he gave the camera a thumbs up. It brightened my day a bit and you know what, maybe it will work for you too. Or, you know, if you need to get rid of some anger, you could always recreate this scene like I did when writing a paper a few weeks ago:

Drink Some Tea: I'm both a tea and coffee drinker, so I'm pretty widely versed in this one, but if you're having a bad day, a cup of something hot might be just what you need. My personal favorite, if you haven't figured it out yet, is CaptainSwan tea, but there are plenty of other amazing flavors out there too. And, of course, there's no better way to drink it than in a Disney mug!

Write It Out: This was on the last list too, but it still applies in more ways than one. As a college student, trying to find the time to balance classes, homework, practice time, friends, a blog, and what seems like a million other things while still finding the time for adequate sleep seems almost impossible, especially with a continuous list of things I need to do running through my mind. I've found that a blank journal notebook has become my best friend, although you could use any notebook or online resource you'd like. Get the thoughts out of your head, and if you're worried about writing, I can tell you right now that you don't need to worry. The thoughts that plague your mind before you go to bed will still be on the paper in the morning if you write them down, and you can sleep easy without worrying about whether or not you'll remember the myriad of things you need to do the next day. Plus, the best part about having a little notebook and journaling? You don't just put down the bad stuff. You put down the good stuff too! My journals are known for having pictures of Disney trips and packing lists and Vacation Itineraries in them, so get creative and add some Disney in there too!

I figured since that first post had six things then this one should too, all updated for the year of 2015, almost two years after I did the first one. But what are some ways you unstress or calm yourself down when you've had a bad day? Let me know in the comments or through social media!

Have a magical day!