Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 156: When You Have a Bad Day

Now, I didn't have a bad day, but one of my good friends did, and then, right now actually, we're in the middle of a discussion about what we think about when we are having a bad day and everything seems to just be against us. I'm not sure how random this post will be, but here's my list of things that always help when I'm upset:

1. Blogging: Or just writing about it really. It was actually one of the things that we were discussing. She just started her own blog, which you can find here, and she was commenting to me on how blogging made her feel better. Like, even though she's had a bad day, just kind of talking about it helps, and I feel the same way. There may be no one reading this blog, although I know a few people who do read it, it's still like I'm talking to someone, and that helps.

2. Reading: Specifically, when I get really upset, or in a fight with a family member or something, I'll back my car out of the garage, shut the garage door, turn the car off, get in the back seat and just curl up with a blanket I keep there and a pillow I bring out and just read a book. It doesn't matter what I'm reading, as sometimes I go there just because it's easier to read in the quiet of my car than anywhere else. I mean, I read Hamlet and Macbeth in that car...but I also read How to Be Like Walt, so yeah.

3. Disney Music: I am fairly certain I've talked about it before, but I'll mention it again. When I'm having an absolute horrible day, I'll put in my earbuds or hook up my iPhone dock and just listen to music from, a lot of times, Epcot. But at the same time, my brother is pretty awesome, because he knows that when I'm in a bad mood and we're driving in the car, he should put on Han Solo and the Princess because that always makes me feel better too. =)

4. Vlogs: The specific thing I told her to do this evening since she was in a bad mood, was to go and watch my vlogs from my Disney trip. I can't speak for her, but I'm pretty sure she loves those videos, and I personally CANNOT wait for July to make more!!!! I loved making my daily vlogs and now that my whole family is going again, it should be pretty entertaining. Plus, at the moment it's even more exciting because we're approaching the one month mark until the trip, and I'm right in the middle of planning for my challenge for this trip as well as the vlogs.

5. Thinking about Disney...OR Harrison Ford: When we were beginning to text, she mentioned that she was just trying to think of Disney and Star Wars, and I added that she could think about Harrison Ford, because that's always a fun thing to do. I just end up quoting all of Star Wars honestly, but still. It gets my mind off the bad day. Another great option, do what I just talked about and plan something for a Disney trip...and if you don't have a Disney trip coming up, go read about it and fantasize anyway.

6. Watch a movie: So maybe it's a theme here, but Indiana Jones, Star Wars or Disney are always good options. Just saying. Although I think my favorite is to watch a new movie or a movie I haven't seen in a really long time. Those always work well because sometimes I'll forget what the ending is when I first start so then it's like watching it for the first then it gets my mind off of whatever is upsetting me.

I'm sure I have more ways to become "un-upset" but those are the ones that come to mind as of right now. Other Disney things for today? I went for dinner with my family at Longhorn Steakhouse and outside the restaurant as we were walking in, my dad and I decided it smelled a lot like Epcot for some reason. I have no clue where in Epcot, but it just reminded us of that. Also, my teacher's son is watching Star Wars for the first time today (although by now he'd probably be done). I think he was pretty excited about it, and she sent me a video of him singing the main theme before they started and it totally made my day.

Here's today's Disney History: 1934: Walt Disney Productions is granted a trademark of "Mickey mouse" for use in books and newspaper comic strips.

Have a magical day!