Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 181: Star Trek

Phew, now that I'm back from camp I've had a few minutes to stop and think!

Wait a the title of this post something non-Disney?

It is!

Tonight I went to go see Star Trek (although I really couldn't write this until what was technically July 1, since I didn't get home until after midnight). But I felt the need to blog about it because as odd as it may seem, I can relate the whole thing until Disney. Here is your spoiler alert though!

First off, I absolutely loved the film. I will admit that I cried when Kirk died. I'm not kidding. I was ok and held it in, and then Spock cried and I was like "NOOOOOOOO" and yeah...tears. I didn't see it coming at all. Of course, as soon as I got over his death I figured out how he was going to come back to life and so on and so forth, but still!

Now, how does this all relate to Disney? Well, Star WARS, of course! Soon Star Trek and Star Wars will have the same director, and I'm more confident than ever that it's going to be great! The only thing I have to say about JJ's directing is that I hope he tones down the lens flares for Star Wars to help create some distance between the two films. Granted, Star Wars is filled with darker colors compared to Star Trek, which has a lot of white because of the ship.

Plus, I saw the preview for Ender's Game, which has Harrison Ford, and honestly no one can say that he can't reprise Han Solo, because he looked pretty good in that preview for being as old as he is. So yeah...everything will be fine as long as Han Solo is there. Which he better be. Oh, and there's the fact that I think Chris Pine is like Harrison Ford's Prodigy. I mean...they look pretty similar. PLUS, Pine is starring in Jack Ryan later this year, a role once played by Ford!

I am really glad though that I'm not a Star Trek fan. I mean, I love these new movies, but I'm just not into it the same way I'm into Star Wars. I think it allows me to make more sense of the film itself, like how it was filmed and the techniques used. Stuff like that. It's given me a whole perspective on what I think Abrams will do with Star Wars, and since Star Trek fans seem to be pretty happy with the outcome of the newest films, I have a feeling that us Star Wars fans will be happy with the outcome of Episode 7 too.

Here's today's Disney History: 2011: It is reported that Disney is developing another film based on one of its theme park rides. Walt Disney Pictures has hired Jason Dean Hall to write the script based on "The Matterhorn," a popular amusement bobsled ride at Disneyland. The storyline will be about five young mountain climbers scaling the Matterhorn who have an unfortunate encounter with a Yeti.

Have a magical day!