Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 154: A Proud Moment

As I discussed yesterday, I had graduation, but there was one portion of graduation that I didn't really mention anywhere in that post. Well, two portions, but they go together, so that's why I didn't mention either of them initially.

Yesterday proved to be, honestly, one of the proudest days of my life. My best friend, Megan, went up, faced her fears, and gave a speech to the entire community as our Salutatorian. She absolutely hates public speaking, like a lot, and she mentions it in her speech, which I share just down below, but she did perfect. She could not have done a better job, and I honestly can't even find the words to say how proud I am of her. I think that says enough though...the fact that I'm speechless.

Here's Megan's amazing speech from our graduation:

Now, did you catch the Disney reference? I didn't the first time I read it, but it's another reason I'm so proud. I mean, to go around speaking "Disney" all day long is another thing, but she honestly put in a Disney reference without even knowing it. That's pretty awesome if you ask me. And if you didn't catch what it was, my hat says it all...

Congratulations Megan, you were amazing yesterday, and I am absolutely proud of you, and very very lucky to call you my best friend. Now let's go out and have a great big and very beautiful tomorrow!

Here's today's Disney History: 2011: Sadly on this day, Disney Legend Wally Boag passes at the age of 90 in California. Born in Oregon in September 1920, Boag became an important part of Disneyland's live entertainment in 1955 when he became a leading man at the park's Golden Horseshoe Revue. As Pecos Bill, he entertained Disneyland park guests five days a week, three times a day, for nearly 7 years. Boag also provided the voice of the Audio-Animatronics parrot, Jose, in the Enchanted Tiki Room. 

Have a magical day!