Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 158: A Trip to the Museum

Since today was our actual last day of school, well it was mine because I went back, my best friend Megan and I decided to go to the local museum. Luckily we live in an awesome town, the Home of the Hamburger (which I'll talk about more later), and it means that we're also lucky to have an awesome small town museum. It's honestly one of the best ones around if you ask me, and it just opened last summer (a grand opening that I attended!)

Either way, there were several things that really reminded me a lot of Disney, and I figured I would share, because that's what I blog about!

The first thing I noticed and felt was insanely awesome is the fact that in the year since it's opened, there's a lot of new technology that's been added, like an audio animatronic of our very own! That's right, in our little museum there's seriously two audio animatronics! I felt it was really awesome because there's a grandma who seems to be right out of Carousel of Progress too! I mean, seriously, she acted just like the grandma (only this one made a few more pies than the one in CoP). Either way, there's also a grandpa (who technically isn't out yet because that addition opens this July, I just got a sneak peak!) It was awesome to see that something Walt Disney did and worked on himself has taken up a home here in our own town. I mean, he did invent audio animatronics after all! Also, animatronics is an extremely difficult word to spell.

The other awesome piece of Disney was in the special photography exhibit that's at the museum right now. We have two wonderful photographers that run their business here in Seymour, and they have had an exhibit running at the museum for the past few weeks called "A Few of Their Favorite Things." While the exhibit as a whole is wonderful, there was one picture that really caught my eye. The picture got my attention for two reasons, first because it's Disney, and second because of the title: Illuminations. I thought that while the picture had nothing to do with the Illuminations I know, it was still pretty ironic. And so, there's my favorite picture in their collection.

Yeah, a little bit of Disney in my own hometown, although I never really questioned that!

Here's today's Disney History: 1946: BBC-TV in England returns to the airwaves after a near 7-year absence (due to the second World War). In an attempt to emphasize continuity, the first day's program includes the cartoon Mickey's Gala Premiere (the same Disney cartoon that had been abruptly interrupted in September 1939, the day Germany attached Poland).

Have a magical day!