Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 176: Disney Everywhere

Another day of MADD camp, another adventure. It's actually kind of interesting trying to find the time and energy to write a blog post everyday here at camp, especially since i sometimes write halfway through the day at rest hour, a time when we go back to our cabins for some quiet time, and some days I wait until right before bed to do my writing. The other major difference is that I'm still writing everything by hand. It's something I do from time to time, but never with my blog and especially not for an entire week.

Either way, I've been keeping busy with tons of stuff that fits in with this blog perfectly. Our day today started off with a trip to arts and crafts. We had several activities, including henna, which is like a tattoo, but it only lasts for a few days. We could do any design we wanted, so I course, did something Disney. I have two volumes of the Disney songbook for piano, and on the front there's a treble clef symbol with a Mickey head at the bottom. This was my inspiration and I got something similar. It turned out pretty awesome, and I really hope it stays for the remainder of the week (it did!).

We also got a chance to make alcohol ink plates. Basically you take a white plate and drop alcohol ink on it to create cool patterns. We had like six colors to mix and match, but I went with the Disneybounder inside me and picked Goofy colors: green, blue and orange. Once again my Disney inspiration worked out and it looks pretty awesome.

But that wasn't all we did. We also had a cookie decorating contest after lunch. The rules were simple, you could enter one cookie to be judged by the kitchen staff, and you could do anything to that one cookie. We had five different colors of frosting and two kinds of sprinkles to decorate with. Now, I'm pretty proud of how my cookie turned out. I started with the white frosting and then used brown to make the Mickey shape. Or in this case, the Minnie shape. A little pink frosting made the bow and then I added the pink sprinkles around the outside and the little white ones to make polka-dots on her bow. Turns out the kitchen staff liked my design too because I won first place! That's the power of Disney magic for you!

I wonder if the Disney bakery would be proud?

Here's today's Disney History: 1967: A new version of the CircleVision 360 film America the Beautiful debuts at Disneyland. The film has been re-shot using the 9-camera CircleVision format (as opposed to the old 11 camera Circarama format).

Have a magical day!