Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 174: Buttons

Today is my first day of camp. Of course, I have no laptop, so originally I'm writing this in a notebook while laying in the top bunk in a very humid cabin, but I'm still writing. I go to Pilgrim Center camp, specifically MADD camp, so overall it's a church camp for music, arts, dance and drama. I went last year as well, and I've been to the camp, which is on the shores of Greenlake, before for several years. The MADD Camp is great because we get to spend a lot of time making things, many of which I'll discuss over the next week.

For instance, our first project every single year is to make a name button. I probably have a ton of them, but these last two years have really been interesting. Basically, what you do is this. You take a tracer and go through magazines until you find a background. Then you cut that background out before searching for letters to make your name. Of course, as you can imagine, Lizzie is difficult because of the two z's in my name. Once you have your name, you glue the letters on and then make an actual button out of it.

Last year I was lucky enough to find a magazine with a cartoon about Disney, so I used that as my background. In the end I think it's my favorite button I've ever made. I mean, it is pretty cute with the little cartoon castle. I feel like the cartoon was originally making fun of Disney, but I cut it apart anyways, so it really doesn't matter.

And this year, I figured I wouldn't be lucky enough to find another Disney background. I searched for a background for a while before turning to National Geographic. I guess the force was with me because it just so happened that the copy of Nat Geo was from 1982. And what opened in '82? Epcot.

And what opened with Epcot? Spaceship Earth.

That's right, I got a SSE button. I was honestly pretty excited. There's that little piece in it that doesn't belong, but it's still spaceship earth, so it's still all good with me.

Here's today's Disney History: 1956: Disneyland's Skyway to Fantasyland and Skyway to Tomorrowland begin transporting guests across the park. Guests take off from a small Alpine chalet seated in gondolas in Fantasyland on their way to Tomorrowland. In 1959, Skyway riders will pass through the Matterhorn Mountain when the Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction is added.

Have a magical day!