Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 157: Grease

As I often do, I watch random movies because well, it's summer and I can do that now. And while I have yet to start my Disney movie summer long marathon (I'm just finishing with the Pixar movies. I think I have about three left to watch), I have taken some time out of my days this week to watch at least one movie...which generally turns into two movies, but oh well.

Earlier in the week I watched all three original Star Wars movies about two times each, after I initially watched them last week. That's right, I technically watched all three three times each. That's got to be a new record, even for me. And then last night I watched Indiana Jones, because who doesn't love Raiders? Actually, apparently my brother does. He claims to be a bigger Indy fan than I am, just because I love both Indy and Star Wars (I like Han Solo the character more, but I love the Indy movies more...if that makes sense). Granted, I saw Indiana Jones years and years before he did, and I've been a fan since I was a young girl, so his argument was invalid from the beginning. But if it wasn't invalid, it would be now, since he was "tired" and left halfway through the movie. I don't know how once who claims to love Indy more than I do can walk out halfway through an Indy movie. It's like a crime.

But anyway, this post is actually about Grease, which really has very little to do with Disney, but I felt the need to blog about it anyway. It does have something to do with Disney!

A few years ago, when they closed Star Tours to prepare for the update to "The Adventures Continue," they hosted an event called Last Tour to Endor at Disney's Hollywood Studios. At the event was a special edition of the Hyperspace Hoopla, which I previously talked about last month. It's a tradition at Star Wars Weekends, but they really brought out all the stops for this giant version. Including Han Solo...

Now, if you know Disney and Star Wars Weekends, you know that Han Solo NEVER comes out, and yet he was around twice for Last Tour to Endor. Once in the HH and once in a special edition of Indiana Jones, which I also have embedded below. I personally think they don't bring him out very often because no one can match up to Harrison Ford ever, I mean, when you watch the below video, do you hear that terrible accent? Either way, you'll see how this relates to Grease when you watch the below video, and if you just want to watch the Han part, it starts at 10:25:

Wow, even the thumbnail put Han on it. I'm impressed Youtube, very impressed. Of course, I had to watch it again, just because...well it's awesome. There is seriously no better song for Han than Greased Lightning. And honestly, the first time I saw it I just could not stop laughing. I think my favorite part is the one girl somewhere in the back that just yells out "SOLO!!!!" before he gets frozen. Did I get sad when he was frozen in Carbonate? Yes, yes I did. Poor Han. I do suggest watching the entire show if you have time though because it's just that entertaining...although you may want to not watch the Luke and Leia part...

And so began my love of music from Grease. Now, I had never actually seen the movie, but Greased Lightning is absolutely my favorite song, and I really should get it on my phone because I listen to it that much anyway. But last night I saw that Grease was to be on TV, and of course I watched. In fact, I knew it was going to be on back on like Monday and I decided right then that I was going to watch it. 

And then I did. And other than the music I honestly thought it was a terrible movie. Why? Because the point of the movie that I understood is that they changed how they acted and looked just so they would be together. I mean, still it was just a good movie, but I just didn't like the storyline. 

I think I'll just stick to Greased Lightning for now...and watch Hyperspace Hoopla about 20 thousand more times. 

Here's today's Disney History: 1944: In the early morning hours, Allied forces (made up of mostly soldiers from the U.S., United Kingdom and Canada) invade the Nazi-held Normandy coast of France as D-Day begins. It has been speculated that "Mickey Mouse" may have been used as a password for the invasion by the Allied Forces. In particular, it is believed Naval officers gathering for a secret briefing at a southern port used "Mickey mouse" as a password to gain entry.

Have a magical day!