Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 177: Chihuly

It's the third day of camp, and time for a field trip!!!

Every year, MADD Camp does some awesome stuff. Normally we get to see Kids from Wisconsin, but they weren't making a stop in Ripon this year. But we also have another field trip to the Paine Arts Center in Oshkosh, and it just so happens that this year's feature exhibit had a bit of a Disney reference too!!! What are the chances?

At the Paine, currently and through October 13, 2013, there is an exhibit by Chihuly, the glassblower. Specifically, the exhibit it called Chihuly Venetians, which is an exhibit featuring 47 pieces, 12 drawings and a chandelier in the Venetian style. Everything was from the George R. Stroemple Collection, according to the Paine Website, and if you want to find out more, click here

The exhibit itself was stunning, as usual. Last year it was a photography exhibit by Ansel Adams, but this year was just as exciting. The glass is beautiful! Pictures aren't allowed in the museum, but lucky for me, my favorite piece is featured on the website! I'm not sure why it's my favorite piece, other than I love the colors and the uniqueness of it with all the angles. Granted, there's tons of other beautiful pieces, but this was just the one that really caught my eye. 

But has anyone caught the Disney reference? When I first got the letter saying that we'd be traveling to the Paine to see this specific exhibit, I got it right away. Dale Chihuly happens to be the artist that crafted the sculptures that grace the main lobbies of both the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder, two of the four Disney Cruise ships. So I've seen his work before, especially since a local college also has one of his piece's, but it was really cool to see an entire exhibit! 

And of course, the gardens of the Paine are as beautiful as ever, so I figured I'd share a couple of my favorite photos I got there too!

Here's today's Disney History: 1999: Disneyland hosts a two-day celebration honoring the Haunted Mansions' 30th Anniversary. On this evening, over 1000 guests witness a panel discussion at the Fantasyland Theater with some of the people who brought the mansion to life. The Dapper Dans materialize as the Hitchhiking Ghosts and the Gravedigger to sing a rendition of the attraction's song "Grim Grinning Ghosts." 

Have a magical day!