Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 162: Vader's Little Princess

Sometimes I go shopping, and when I go shopping, I sometimes find wonderful things. Today, I found one of those wonderful, wonderful things!

That's right, while I was out with one of my friends for sushi, we stopped at Target, and while we were looking through the books and movies, I happened to walk by a section of like Star Wars and Star Trek books. I didn't see it at first, but my friend pointed out two books sitting right in front of me, one of which is the book I've been wanting to get since it came out in April, Vader's Little Princess.

The book is the second in the series by Jeffery Brown, but I love this one even more than the original (which I plan on officially buying for myself when I go back to Target at some point). I mean, the fact that it's Leia means one thing: there's Han, and I just love that. Seeing Vader deal with Leia as she grows up is adorable, especially after she does begin dating a certain scoundrel. This page is totally my favorite though: 

I just couldn't handle the reference to the movie, and the fact that still, no one understands exactly what Han meant when he said "I know." Granted, I really don't care what he meant, because I think it was still way better than just a regular "I love you too." I thank Harrison Ford every time I watch the movie for coming up with the brilliance that is that line. It fits perfectly into the character that is Han Solo. 

Anyway, if you have kids, or just love Star Wars, I really suggest getting both these books, the first one on Luke and this second one on Leia. They're adorable the entire way through and I guarantee that they'll at least make you laugh a little bit. I know I laughed the entire way through it. 

Here's today's Disney History: 2010: World of Color officially debuts at Disney California Adventure park. A spectacular display of water and special effects, it features more than 1,000 jets of water which form incredible shapes in time to music allowing Disney characters to come to life on a shimmering veil of mist. 

Have a magical day!