Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 173: An Interesting Schedule

If you haven't already noticed, there has been an interesting lapse in my blog posts for the past couple of weeks, and what will be the next couple of weeks. Actually, I'm writing this on July 1st, since I've spent the last two days updating those blog posts that I missed, because at the end of the year I really do want to have 365 blog posts. It is Everyday Disney, and there's always something Disney inspired going on, it's just sometimes I really am not home, or I don't have access to a computer, or I seriously don't have time. So I apologize for not having been around, and for not keeping things updated.

In fact, this blog post marks the day before I will have gone to camp, and obviously I'm back now. The next week of posts was written largely in a notebook and then typed up when I got back home! And the past week was written today based on things that were indeed going on at the time when I would have been writing it. So in other words, the posts are still legitimate, they're just late too.

BUT, on the bright side, my Disney trip is coming up soon, and we all know what that means! It means that I am going to spend 8 days at Disney vlogging and doing challenges and living out the dream that is Walt Disney World. I know a friend of mine is almost as exciting as I am just because she gets to watch my videos. I thought that was pretty funny, but it makes sense, because I'm super excited to make them!

Before I do leave though, and as you will see over the week of July 1st, I am going to be a VERY busy person. Still, I fully plan on continuing to update the blog, even if I have to turn my laptop on special at midnight to write it! It will get done!!!!

On the off chance that something does happen and I really am unable to write a post, I promise I'll make it up. I have so far, so why wouldn't I continue to do so now?

Get ready for some crazy days ahead, all leading up to DISNEY WORLD!

Here's today's Disney History: 2007: Epcot's newly-updated American Adventure debuts. It now includes moments from 9-11-2001, current military operations and other recent events.

Have a magical day!