Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 172: My Disney Collection V3

It's been a while since I discussed my Disney Collection, but the last time I did a post, it was on what's Disney on my bookshelves. Well, today we take a trip outside of my bedroom to visit a totally difference portion of my collection: My Mug Collection!

Now, something that not everyone knows about me is that I do indeed collect mugs! I mean, everyone has their own collection, right, and it makes sense for me to have a Disney collection, but over the year's I've just had this fondness for mugs. Almost all of mine are Disney, although I do have some singular holiday ones and so on and so forth. But here's the Disney ones, in the order that I remember getting them:

The very first Disney mug I got was this one. I have no clue when exactly I got it, other than I got it a really long time ago. I'm pretty sure the main reason I initially bought it, or had my parents buy it rather, was because Spaceship Earth was the key figure here. I guess it's possible that it dates back almost to the Millennium Celebration because of that, but who knows really.

My second mug is pretty similar to the first one, but it's one from a later date. While I don't remember exactly when I got this one either, it was probably the one that really started my collection off, like to the point where I would end up having as many as I do now. I love it because it's actually a bit 3D. You can't see it in the picture, but the Monorail with the characters juts out of the mug a little bit, which is probably the reason I bought it, if I remember correctly. 

Next up is my mug from the other side of the U.S. When I went to Disneyland, I kind of knew I wanted a mug, so when I saw this one, I ended up going into California Adventure special the last day I had a ticket just to buy this one. I think it's like the most adorable little mug ever, with it's little handle and everything. It's a bit 3D, similar to the last mug too. 

By far my absolute favorite mug in my entire collection, I got my E Ticket mug in January of 2012. I kind of skirted around buying it for a while, but then when my parents were shipping stuff home from the Art of Disney store at Epcot, I jumped at the chance and bought it. Little did I know then that it would indeed become my absolute favorite mug. I use it for everything from coffee to orange juice just because I love it that much. It's going to be difficult at college deciding whether I want to leave it at home so it will be safe or bring it with me because then I can use it every day. 

While it wasn't originally Disney when I bought it, it is now, and I guess I've always considered it Disney. When I went with my band to New York in 2012, I was in this huge store that sold like everything. It was an amazing store, and the location I got most of my NYC Souvenirs. But that's beside the point. I was in the downstairs area of the store when I spotted a Star Wars and Star Trek area and I just instantly decided that I had to have this mug. An original Empire Strikes Back Poster Mug? YES PLEASE!

The newest of my mugs is my Monorail mug, which I got on my last trip to Disney in November 2012. I had seen it several times before, but I finally just decided that I needed to have it. I mean, please stand clear of my coffee? Obviously I need that. 

Now, there are a few honorable mentions to my collection as well. While it's technically my dad's mug, it still sits next to mine and it's still Disney, so I figured I would still share it. It's my dad's Walt Disney mug, which I do use from time to time (although I really shouldn't have to because I you see how many I have?). I think it's a great mug, and it's bigger than some too, so it's great for mornings when you're like "COFFEE...."

And a post about mugs wouldn't be complete without my goblet from Gaston's Tavern that we got on my last trip to Disney. I mean, it is a pretty cool cup, even if you can't put hot chocolate or coffee in it! 

And speaking of Hot post about my Disney mugs would be complete without my hot chocolate from Disney, which I swear is the best Hot Chocolate in the world (ok, maybe not, but I certainly love it). Sometimes I even drink it in the summer...maybe I'll have to do that tonight. 

And so there is it, my mug collection. I'm pretty sure I'm going to just go ahead and get another new one when I go in a few weeks because, well, WHY NOT? But you'll see that in an upcoming post. I probably won't add it here, although it's still a possibility. There's actually one mug missing from this collection, as my friend got it for me after I took the pictures, and I just haven't had the time to go and take a picture of it. But either way, it's a little mug that's like a carousel theme. It's pretty old too, and I really love it! =)

Next time we'll look into another collection of personal obsession...Spaceship Earth! Yeah, I have enough Spaceship Earth stuff to make an entire post about it! And after that there's my pins! Gosh I have a lot of those.

Here's today's Disney History: 2012: Disney welcomes a new okapi calf to the Disney's Animal Kingdom family. First-time mother Zawadi gives birth to a 35-pound female calf named Nafuna. Often thought to be related to the Zebra because of its stripes, the okapi is the only living relative of the giraffe. 

Have a magical day!