Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 168: Mackinaw Island

Aside from the Grand Hotel, there was plenty else that we did on this band trip to Mackinaw Island. While I don't have the band trip video finished yet, I did want to discuss a little bit of the island itself, and what I thought of that as a whole opposed to the Grand Hotel.

Honestly, I think Mackinaw Island is an adorable little island. BUT, it is the biggest tourist trap I've ever seen. It's more of one than Disney. I mean, when you walk down the street past the shops here's the order of them: T-Shirt shop, souvenir shop, fudge shop, t-shirt shop, fudge shop, t-shirt shop, souvenir shop...and it goes on and on all the way through town. And people say Disney is bad with all the stores.

But I think that was really the only complaint I had. I loved that there are no cars, and that the transportation is by horse or bike. I know we spent several hours riding around in a horse drawn carriage, which was pretty awesome. I mean, the dirty streets and smell weren't exactly awesome, but it really adds a lot to the little town. That and the history is just spectacular. I mean, the fact that every half hour they fire something off from Fort Mackinaw is pretty cool, although I really wish I had the time to go and see the fort for myself. And the quaint Victorian style was really nice too, plus they really do know their lilacs there! They should considering we marched in the lilac festival grand parade!

Overall it is a great place, but like I said in my last post, I really don't have a want to go back. More of a singular time thing for me because I think there are a lot of bigger and better things out there in the world to see, rather than spend so much money for a stay on Mackinaw Island.

We also traveled across the Mackinac Bridge, which was, impressive, but not as impressive as our band director made it sound. To me, and to many others, it really was just a bridge, and a big waste of time from many of our points of view. It's the third largest suspension bridge in the world, but we figured out that much of my dissapointment in the bridge comes from the fact that I'm used to the best in the world, not the third best. I mean, Disney has a lot of those records down, so third best just doesn't impress me, even if the largest suspension bridge isn't at Disney World.

I know I'm fairly critical of the entire trip, but I find that it's hard for me not to be. I relate and compare everything to my experiences with Disney, because they strive for perfection, and they create the magic to the point where everyone finds something they can love and enjoy. Comparing other things in the world to that make them often times fall flat, although there are really plenty of experiences that are just as memorable as Disney. Like I said, Colorado, New York and Boston are all at the top of that list. While I had my doubts and concerns about those places too, there was still something that surpassed Disney in one way or another. Mackinaw Island just didn't do that for me, but that's alright. It was still a great experience and adventure!

Here's today's Disney History: 1965: Disneyland Grad Nite '65 takes place from 11PM till 5AM.

Have a magical day!