Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 166: Pictures

So yesterday a bunch of pictures my mom ordered, along with my graduation party invitations, were delivered to my house. Anyway, every time we have pictures from a Disney trip printed, mom has to go through them all and sort them by park and so on and so forth. The problem? She couldn't figure out which picture was from which park!

Being the loving daughter I am, I went and helped her with such things, and I told her all the time which picture was from where. It honestly wasn't hard, and I think there was only like one picture that tripped me up. I mean, I was giving her locations for pictures I wasn't even there for. I guess she was looking at them for a really long time because there were a lot of pictures, but still.

It made me pretty proud of myself when I was able to name all those locations, many of which were just like headshots or those ones that my dad takes that are of absolutely the strangest things at Disney World. I mean, he seems to have this obsession with taking pictures of lights, strange lights, so it's always interesting trying to identify where the lights are located. Then again, you can easily tell I'm my father's daughter because I take really strange pictures all the time too. Maybe not so much when I'm on vacation, but it still happens. I just walk around with the camera looking at weird things.

This next trip I'm going to have to take a ton of pictures, both because of my challenge for the trip, which I'll talk about in a couple of weeks, but also because I need to take pictures for the local county fair for my 4-H photography project. What exactly I'll end up taking picture of, I have no clue, but I suppose I should go through the pictures from the last trip too because if I remember correctly I have a couple nice ones that might just work. We'll have to see.

Here's today's Disney History: 2012: Disneyland Resort caps off it's $1 billion renovation of Disney California Adventure with the public opening of Cars Land. Based on the Disney-Pixar movie Cars, it is the largest piece of a five-year expansion at Disney California Adventure Park, adding 12 acres of new attractions to the theme park.

Have a magical day!