Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day 838: Mugs & Things

Creative title, I know, but due to a slow day in my world, it's time for Part 2 of...

A Quick Guide to Bringing Little Bits of Disney into Your Everyday Life! 

(Still a super long title...I know).

While things have been pretty slow thanks to a lot of going back and forth between college and home, schoolwork, scale practicing for juries that are coming up soon, concerts and who knows what else, there has been some little bits of Disney thrown in here and there, and that's what I'm here to share! This is sort of a combination post from a few other posts that just sort of fit together nicely. What inspired this post, you ask? My Tsum Tsums of course, which I'll discuss in just a moment, but the idea with this edition of A Quick Guide is fitting in Disney without over-doing things. It's usually very obvious in my dorm rooms which desk is mine, and I've included pictures of both my desk from last year and my current desk just as a refresher since not everything on my desk is included in the post, but the great part is that this one isn't just for desks! There are so many little ways to add Disney to your living space while still keeping it subtle! 

Tsum Tsums: 

Of course, because it inspired this post, it's got to be on here. I may or may not have recently gone to Target with the intention of leaving not just with my groceries, but also with new Tsum Tsums since they recently began selling the adorable little guys and they're just too cute to pass up. I'm absolutely addicted, and while right now I've only got nine (you just have to buy them in like groups of three so they stack!), I'm pretty sure that after June I'll have a few more. So far my favorites are definitely the Dumbo Tsum Tsum and the Donald one, but honestly I love them all so...


Obviously I collect Disney Mugs, but these things are a great way to showcase your #DisneySide while also having your morning coffee (or tea)! While I collect them, that doesn't mean you have to, as one or two mugs can go a long way! At the moment, I'm in the moment of getting my hands on all of the Disney Parks You Are Here Starbucks Mugs, but I've definitely also got my sights set on that new Disneyland 60th Mug! Of course, not all of my mugs simply say Disney World either. Here I've got my "Hook's Crew" mug, which sits proudly next to my Emma Swan bug. CaptainSwan is well represented on my shelves! 

Towels, Plates & Things on Which You Ate:

I really wanted that to rhyme apparently. Regardless, Disney, in addition to a wide range of mugs, has a ever changing unique set of Disney Kitchen merchandise. Before my Freshman year of college I bought a set of bowls, a set of plates, a set of glasses and a couple of towels, and since then I've collected a few other things. The dishtowels, however, are my favorite of the collection. They're subtle Disney, but excellent towels if you ask me. The design is probably different now, but any of the merchandise for the home that's Disney themed is a great way to bring a little bit of Disney into your Everyday Life! 


I've talked plenty of times about these guys too, but just like the Tsum Tsums, they're small enough to fit easily on your desk and there's one out there for everyone. I limit myself to one Vinylmation per trip, sometimes taking the safe route and buying one like the Princess Leia Minnie Mouse, which I knew what I was getting, and other times I'll take a risk, like I did with the Buzz Lightyear (as my first Vinylmation I have no clue how I got so lucky)! I actually get a lot of compliments on these guys though, mostly because they're different. Yeah, they scream Disney if you look at them, but they catch attention, and that makes them a great conversation starter every single time! 


My roommates and I seem to have this love of pillows. We have them everywhere. Our beds are filled with them (alright, mostly mine and Ashley), we have some in the back room and some in the front room and they're all pretty classy. One of the greatest things I've gotten for my dorm room and my bedroom at home, however, are the pillows! They're expensive and often a real trick to get home because they take up some room if you're not shipping (we have to carry ours home in June on the band trip and that was rough!) but they're not screaming Disney. They're classy, simple and still Disney!

There's like a million other ways to bring little bits of Disney into your dorm room or home, and maybe I'll do another one someday, more focused on DIY or something because I've got that down too! Either way, what are some ways you bring little bits of Disney into your room or home? Let me know! 

Have a magical day!