Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day 839: 20 Facts

Every so often I do actually participate in other Instagram things beyond my own Everyday Disney Challenge, and occasionally others do tag me to do things. This time I wasn't tagged specifically, but a fellow Disney fan (or two or three) recently did the #20ThingsAboutMe challenge and I figured I'd make it into a blog post. Only, this list is going to be a bit different. 20 Things is sometimes hard to begin with, but what about 20 Disney things that you might not necessarily know about me, even after 800 days of blogging!?! You can find a different, easier list on Instagram, but I'm going all out here because I can! So here we go. Here's 20 Disney Things You Might Not Necessarily Know About Me!

1. My Least Favorite Disney Movie Is Aladdin.
2. I've stayed at a number of Disney Resorts, but I've actually been a DVC Member most of my life. Since 1996!
3. As a kid I didn't really meet characters in the parks. I've meet more in the past two trips than I have in at least 10 trips combined, if not more.
4. My brother and I used to fight all the time on our vacations. Many years ago we made a pact to not fight while at Disney. It still holds true today.
5. I only recently discovered my love of Dole Whips.
6. I know I want to work for Disney but I have no idea where or how. People ask me all the time what I intend to do and I have a different answer every time you ask me.
7. The lost attraction I probably miss the most is Horizons.
8. My love of Pirates definitely has everything to do with Colin O'Donoghue...and a little bit with Pirates of the Caribbean. I ADORE the attraction now though! On many levels!
9. While I've been on Spaceship Earth around 150 times and it's my absolute favorite attraction, I'm fairly certain that my most frequented attraction is actually the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover.
10. I used to hate the Haunted Mansion. Hardcore hate it. I wouldn't go on it. I wouldn't even go by it. I was terrified of the casket in the sunroom scene, and it was only after seeing the Eddie Murphy film that I got over my fear. It's now my favorite Magic Kingdom attraction.
11. Aside from attractions I've never been on or only recently faced, the attractions I visit the least (in each park) are probably Dumbo, Circle of Life (the Film in the Land), Rock'n Roller Coaster and Rafiki's Planet Watch.
12. My favorite Disney snack is actually a chocolate croissant found throughout the parks. My favorite version comes from Gaston's Tavern.
13. As much as I love the parks, one of the things I enjoy most at Disney is late night ping pong tournaments with my brother at Old Key West.
14. I love seeing Disney with other people, my friends, my family, my high school band, etc. But I also love seeing Disney by myself. There's something freeing about having no plans, being a single rider and grabbing food from whatever park you decide to go to.
15. I used to be that person who does the same thing every time I went to Disney, but now I love trying new things. It's my goal to eventually accomplish everything at Walt Disney World. Eat at every restaurant, ride every attraction, see every show and meet every character possible.
16. I'm not a huge fan of Fantasmic, unless we're taking the Disneyland Version. Then I love it.
17. My favorite Disney song changes every so often, but I've always loved the song There is Life from Bambi 2 (in addition to my cited favorite Disney song Out There from Hunchback). Actually I love the whole Bambi 2 Soundtrack.
18. In Middle School I would often do every project on something Disney (not that that's changed much), but in 8th grade we had to read a biography or autobio of our choice and I picked a 300 page Walt Disney Biography and then did a multimedia presentation on his life that took me weeks to create. That was my first big Disney project.
19. When I was a kid, I loved Lady and the Tramp so much that I would pretend to be Tramp stretching out in the morning. It's hard to explain, but I had it pretty down packed, bark and everything.
20. I actually am not a fan of special events at Epcot, at least as far as music goes. Since I'm generally there around Christmas time or, recently, during a festival, I get a little irked when the regular Epcot park music is replaced with something else. For example, Sleigh Ride at Christmas time.

And there you have it, 20 Disney things you may not have known about me. There are many little habits we all have that are just hard to explain through blog posts, especially when I only visit the parks here and there. Like I said before, you can find other Facts on my Instagram as well, and I encourage you all to share 20 Things about yourself!

Have a magical day!