Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day 834: Modifications

The writer's block is strong today...really strong. I have a French composition due in a few days and I couldn't even figure out what to write in English, much less French. My roommate eventually figured out that I could write a story about a soggy baguette, but that's not especially helpful when it comes to a blog post. So I sat around my desk for a while, changed clothes, looked in my journal notebook which basically holds my life, checked all my social media, turned on the audio from Festival of Fantasy and...still didn't have any ideas.

Just kidding, there's definitely a point to today's blog post, and it has everything to do with the pair of red pants I wore today, or rather, DisneyBounding.

I'm obviously an avid DisneyBounder. I DisneyBound at least once a week for OUAT, just finished the March DisneyBound Challenge a couple of weeks ago, and, per usual, a DisneyBound will pop up here and there. But one of the things that was shocking for me during the March Challenge was the ease in which I was able to DisneyBound every day for a month and still have a significant list of other DisneyBounds I could have done. I could pick my outfit for the day from a long list of options, and that led to a new thought. Actually, a couple of new thoughts.

First, a quote from Jennifer Morrison popped into my head: "I'm trying to incorporate color into my life. Until recently, everything in my closet was black, white, grey, navy, or olive." I understand this because that's how my closet was too. There wasn't any color in it beyond...well...nothing really. Maybe some scarves? But Disneybounding changed all of that. Hence the red pants I wore today as part of one of my favorite bounds, Pinocchio, which you can see below!

So now that my closet is filled with color and elements of DisneyBounds across the board, I figured I would take a page out of the DisneyBound Book. A while back Leslie, the creator of DisneyBound, shared some Essentials. You can read the entire original post HERE, but I've included the graphic below just to give you an idea of what she suggested! Some of my suggestions are the same and some are different, but there's definitely a formula to DisneyBounding in your own style and once you get the hang of it you're home free! 

In order to come up with my own list of DisneyBound Essentials, I went back through my Disneybounds from the March Challenge and debated which I used the most compared to which parts were the most crucial. Of course, my graphic looks nothing like Leslie's, but the point is still the same...My top items for DisneyBounding and why: 

1. Yellow Shoes: Like Leslie suggested, I didn't know how important yellow shoes are until I started DisneyBounding. In fact, I bought my Yellow Converse with the intention of using them to DisneyBound and I've made good use of them ever since. 
Perfect For: Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck

2. Brown Boots: Going back through March, I realized that the boots I used most often were my short brown ones. I bought them for a OUAT Disneybound last fall and now wear them at least once a week, not to mention for a significant number of Disneybounds! Plus they're super comfortable! 
Perfect For: Merida, Brer Bear, Frontierland, Fix-It Felix

3. Black Heels: You could definitely go with Black Flats here too, but about two months ago I found a pair of comfortable, leather black heels and throughout March found myself using them constantly. They're comfortable enough to wear all day but also perfect for fancier occasions and edgier DisneyBounds, especially villains!
Perfect For: The Haunted Mansion, Captain Hook, Hades, Bert

4. Colorful Belts: I have four regular belts I alternate: Black, Brown, Red and Light Blue, two of which I picked up for under five bucks. They're a super easy way to bring color into an outfit, especially if it's just a small splash of color. I've found that red and brown come into play most often, with blue used throughout some odd Bounds. 
Perfect For: Pinocchio (Blue), Prince Eric (Red), Peter Pan (Red or Brown), Iago (Blue)

5. Scarves: I'll admit straight off that I'm addicted to scarves. I LOVE them, and have a whole section of my closet simply devoted to the scarves in pretty much every color. I normally buy mine on sale if possible, but there's generally a great selection anywhere you go! They're great for bringing both patterns and colors into an outfit while still keeping warm in the winter and comfortable in the spring and fall! 
Perfect For: Depending on the Color, just about anything! The Yellow One in the graphic would be perfect for Belle though! 

6. Leather Jackets: I'm also a big leather jacket fan (thanks Emma Swan). I know, I know, at first you think you won't wear one, but I've come to love my leather, which is especially great during the colder months. I've got five of them: Black, Dark Brown, Tan, Grey and Red, but it's the black one that comes into play most often! 
Perfect For: Captain Hook (OUAT), Emma Swan (OUAT), Maleficent, Ursula

7. Colored Jeans: The whole colored jeans trend was really high a few years ago, but it's certainly not gone for good. Jeans are a great way to bring color in, especially after you're brave enough to wear them the first time. When I bought my red jeans even I thought myself crazy, but now I wear them, along with my bright blue, leaf green and "Hook Pants," at least once a week. 
Perfect For: Pinocchio (Red), Genie (Blue), Peter Pan (Green), Rapunzel (Purple)

8. Accessories: I couldn't get away from this one on Leslie's list, not by a long shot. So much of a DisneyBound comes together in the accessories! Some of my personal favorites include an arrow ring I got for a couple of dollars, perfect for Merida or Robin Hood, an Anchor necklace, great for anything pirate or nautical themed like Prince Eric and a Fish Necklace I recently fixed, great for Ursula or Ariel! You can always find great stuff in the clearance, so check there first! You never know what you might find! 

9. Hair Bows: I'm the proud owner of a TON of bows, most of which came from Magical Ribbons. I get compliments on these all the time, and they're perfect because you can find them in just about any color or pattern to match an outfit! Tack a red bow onto a green outfit and you're Peter Pan! Have a black bow? Add it onto a Carl Fredrickson DisneyBound? I also love using these as a way to incorporate the Disney Parks into my outfits, especially for attractions such as The Haunted Mansion or entire areas like World Showcase! 

And there you have it. I couldn't really narrow it down to 8 things, so I just included the 9th. Of course, the big idea here is color. All kinds of color. Reds, blues, greens, yellows, oranges! The more color you have, the wider the possibilities for your DisneyBounding. Personally, I almost exclusively shop at stores such as Plato's Closet, which is a store that buys and sells name-brand clothing for a fraction of the cost (many of my shirts cost $5 or less!), or in clearance sections of stores. It takes some time and some money, but when I do go out and buy new clothing, unless it's for a OUAT Bound or for a specific occasion, I have to be able to use the piece for at least two DisneyBounds, and I have to come up with them before I buy it. Eventually, I've come to fill my entire closet with DisneyBound upon DisneyBound, and who knows, maybe someday I'll be able to do more than one month in a row with all different outfits! 

If you Disneybound, what kinds of things do you use most often? 

Have a magical day!