Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 842: Stressed Out

Finals are only a few weeks away, and that means that there's a lot of work left between now and then that has to get done. With a concert coming up this weekend, a music analysis due next week, a final paper to write for the Friday after and then finals to study for in addition to preparing a solo and scales for Barrier Juries, things are getting pretty crazy. It's the reason the blog gets behind from time to time, and it's also the reason that I find myself and my fellow classmates more stressed out than ever.

However, there is a silver lining. With so little time left in the semester, it also means that there's only a short time left before my summer of Disney trips, and just over a month until Disney World. That means I'm pretty excited at the same time. In fact, I find that most of my daydreaming in between study sessions ends up being about one of two things: Once Upon A Time and Disney World. In addition, I've spent more time watching Disney Parks YouTube videos in the last two weeks that I think I have all year, and I've officially declared the music from the YouTube All Stars #DisneySide Videos to be my Jam, but beyond that, there are a few other things on my Disney-centered mind that help ease some of the stress when I need a break from getting frustrated with my saxophone.

Today I stumbled across this video in my searches and I realized how excited I am to be staying at Wilderness Lodge for the first time in June! We were originally going to stay there in January, but when we added people on we moved to a bigger room over at Saratoga Springs, another resort I hadn't stayed at previous to the trip. It all worked out well, but when mom announced we were staying at Wilderness Lodge in June after all, I got pretty excited. You guys have no idea how many pictures I'm going to take.

I've also spent a lot of time recently trying to figure out what I want to wear when I'm in the Parks this summer. I know, this sounds ridiculous to most, but I've explained this before. DisneyBounding and looking good, even on my vacations, is important to me, mostly due to the fact that I need to make up for all those pictures I avoided as a child...or rather, the pictures I'd like to replace from those awkward years. Now that I'm comfortable and happy taking pictures, I want to look good in them so I can treasure them for years to come! However, quite a bit of planning goes into these things. There are already things in the works for DisneyBounds with one of my friends out in California, and when it comes to hot and humid Florida, I've got to think about what will both look good and keep me cool. Think me crazy if you want, but I'm going to just keep planning. 

Of course, there's plenty of other things to plan, little things like a new bag for traveling, what else I need to pack, when to make my packing list, what I want to eat and so on and so forth. When paired with a bunch of Once Upon A Time it keeps me pretty calm...or at least calm enough to get back to work on that Music Analysis. Speaking of which...

Have a magical day!