Thursday, April 23, 2015

Day 843: In the Background

In yet another search for a blog post for a day that was far to busy to be blogging, I found something on Pinterest that got me thinking: iPhone backgrounds. I've shared my background before, although it's changed since then. At the moment, my background is the picture of Peter Pan and I that ended up on BuzzFeed, and while I haven o intention of changing it, at least not at the moment, I figured that it might be a great time to share some of my favorite Disney inspired backgrounds!

I love throwing Disney backgrounds on my phone, on my computer, and on my social media pages. Pretty much everything I have is something Disney, usually from the parks. As far as I've found, it's one of the greatest ways to add a little extra Disney magic to your life without going overboard, especially since 99% of the time, you're the only one looking at your phone!

These first three come from Disney officially, although unfortunately I can't find a direct link! However, they ARE part of the #DisneySide campaign and seriously, who wouldn't want that Haunted Mansion one? Brilliant! 

These next two are part of a collection of 15 Iconic Disney Characters designed by Chris Taylor! I particularly am in love with the Incredibles, but I can never pass up anything Monsters Inc. related! Find the rest of the iconic phone wallpapers HERE

And finally, this is a Rapunzel inspired spring design featured as one of the Spring-Themed wallpapers on the Disney Style blog! All of the backgrounds in that set are adorable, but as a Tangled fan, this is absolutely my favorite, and definitely at the top of my list if I ever change my background to something non-Disney Parks related! 

Of course, you can only have one background, unless you have an iPhone, then I suppose you have the separate lock screen. I don't change mine often, whether because I'm just too busy to notice that it hasn't been changed in months or because I just really love what I have now, I don't know, Regardless, which of these backgrounds do you love, or is there another Disney one out there that you think should be added to the list!?!

Have a magical day!